Fighting the Big GuyMature

Taylor Dorden

A few thoughts ran through Taylor's head as he circled around Bruth the barbarian. The name that he had given the big guy for the time being anyways.  The first thought was Bruth is a lot bigger than him, two that means getting hit by him is gonna hurt three Taylor hoped that this man had more brawn than brains so getting him into submission will be easy. If not then doing it the old way will just have to do.

Bruth grew impateint and threw the first punch, Taylor blocked it, and pulled Bruth towards him, dodging his second punch, and retaliating by kneeing him in the stomach, and getting behind him to deliver a round house kick to his exposed back. Bruth took the second hit because he was still busy recovering from the knee to the gut. Taylor backed off and let Bruth recover and turn around.

"Had enough big guy?" He taunted him. Someone was screaming for them to stop, but Taylor was far to focused on Bruth to react to the pleas.

"Don't get to cocky stranger your, were just lucky." He said angrily.

Good he is angry. Taylor thought allowing Bruth to charge at him again, he ducked under his punches and darted to the side getting caught unaware by a kick, that sent him rolling onto his back. Now he was the winded one, but he doubted Bruth would be as kind to let him get back up. He rolled out of the way just missing getting kicked again. Bruth picked him up by the collar, and slammed him to the ground again. Taylor got himself to his knees gasping for air as blood trickled from a few cuts he had just acquired on his face. Bruth was coming at him again,this time Taylor wasn't going to underestimate him. Still he was trying to recover from those last couple hits, they really hurt. Bruth kicked at him this time, Taylor blocked the hit just barely with his arm, and dodged and incoming punch. He rolled out of the way and got up just narrowly missing another punch from Bruth. He grabbed Bruth's arm who then tried to get Taylor to let go giving him the opportunity to get him on the side a few times. He got him twice punching as hard as he could.

Bruth stumbled away from both the force and pain that Taylor delivered. Taylor tore a page out of his book and knocked him to the ground. Just as he was about to go and punch Bruth's face in. Guinevere stood in the way.

"That’s enough the both of you!" She glared, especially at Taylor. Understandable he was new around here, but Bruth was a definite pig!

"Fine." Taylor said calming down ,lowering his fists and taking a step back. Bruth still looked angry. The two of them eyed each other both understanding that this fight would continue another time.

"Don't get to comfortable here stranger." He spat as he got to his feet.

"I'll do as I see fit." Taylor replied.

"I said enough!" Guinevere said.

"Taylor, let it be, he too is reporting to my father, so getting on his bad side any further would be a bad idea." Harru advised, he had a good point.

"Oh is that so?" Bruth said," Your done buddy, wait until Otto gets what I have to say about you!"Bruth said with laughter.

"Oh running to daddy now, Huh? Your more cowardly then I thought!" Taylor exploded. This comment seemed to hit a nerve with the big guy. Taylor could see Bruth wanted to get at him, but dared not with his sister present.

"Bruth if you were to make such a report, I will tell Otto how you started the attack with attacking his son.  Now the two of you get lost!" She said.  Which the two of them did. 

"Sorry." Taylor apologized to Harru," I bet that’s not going to help you out at all."

Harru opened his mouth, then closed it," I need to go to the washroom!"  He said running off to that girl who was looking out the window's house.  Taylor gave a confused look but followed after him cleaning his face off.

The End

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