Alice- The BoyMature

When she was around twelve years old, Alice thought by the time she was twenty she would be married. She didn’t know what made her think that, but it kinda stuck.

Now that she was twenty, she was wondering what her twelve year old self would think. She lived alone, and never talked to anyone.

The one thing that Alice wanted was to change that, but she couldn’t. To her, this tiny house was going to be her deathbed.

Watching Harru and Guinevere. She watched the one boy, Bruth attack Harru. She gasp and made a quick desicon. She was leaving the saftly of her home.

She ran to her closet and grabbed a jacket. She hadn’t worn it in years, yet it still fit. No time to question her train of thought, she was out of the house.

Runnig toward the fight, she relized how cold and dark it was. When she got to fight, she suddenly got a overwhelming felt of fear. She watched Harru get hurt, and then gaped when Taylor took his place.

She was scared. Not for one of the two boys, but for herself. She hadn’t been outside in years. That when she choose to back inside and act like this never happened.

Harru sighed and led the boy towards there home. She quickly left the window and sat down on her bed, pulling out whatever book she was reading.

A knock came at the tiny door, and she got up, smoothing her skirt and walked toward the door.He isn’t going to hurt you. You know him.She said to herself.

Alice opened the door and Harru pushed past her, followed by the other boy.

“Alice can I go to the bathroom?” Harru asked. She nodded and he left the two alone. Alice took that moment to study the boy.

“Hello.” The boy said. Alice just stared. “Umm, where are your parents.”

Alice gasped. This boy, he was insulting her. Wasn’t he.

“How old do you think I am?” She asked, slowly, hearing her voice for the first time in weeks.

“Ten.” He answered.

“Wrong.” Alice said sharply. “I’m twenty years old, you bastrad. And, my parents are dead.”

“Your kidding right?” The boy asked, staring down at her.


“So you just like, live by yourself?” He asked sharply.

“Do you see unicorns running around? Cause I sure don’t.” She said. That was her first witty comeback in three teen years.

At the moment, Harru appeared and gasped.

“Alice, your talking!” He exclaimed, with a huge grin. “Alice, this is Taylor, Taylor this Alice.”

Harru smiled as he tried to make everything normal. Alice looked at him, giving him a look that would have killed the sun-if it was still there.

“So, what do you want?” Alice asked. She just wanted Taylor out of her house. Taylor looked offend, and sat down at her table, picking up Dante’s Inferno. He looked at it’s worn pages, and looked up.

“You read?” He asked, doubtfully.

“As a child, my parents wanted me to know everything. I’ve been reading and reading that book since I was six or seven.” Taylor raised a eyebrow.

“How did you get these books?” he said catching site of her book shelf.

“I was blessed as a child with books. As I can see you were not.” She said before she take that back. Taylor looked taken back, than pissed. Alice smiled, just the reaction she wanted.

“Did you just say that?’’ Taylor asked, preparing himself for a fight.

“I did.”

“Are you going to apologize?” Taylor questioned, raising out his chair.


“Why?” Taylor asked, getting meaner by the second.

“Out.” Alice said. “I SAID GET OUT!” She said louder.

The two boys looked at her, dumbstruck, then quickly left the tiny house.


Alice was laying in her bed that night when she saw the fire. It wasn’t the fire that normally burned, watched by a family. It was torches. And they where nearing the settlement.

The End

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