The Clan LeaderMature

Taylor Dorden

Harru had lead the confused Taylor around through this settlement which was much bigger than what he was used to at Hailstrong. This place actually had a ceiling that well that didn't make you feel claustrophobic in, and the people although unhappy didn't didn't look bored of their lives.

"So Harru whats the name of this place?Its quite nice!" Taylor tried to start a conversation.

"You think so?  This community is called Toronto named after a metallic plate with numbers on it."

"Well thats a lot better than where I came from. My community is called Hailstrong, only because the freaking hail kills people working on the turbines. Lovely isn't it?" Taylor said with loathing.

"Hailstrong?" Harru stopped in mid step ignoring the rest of Taylor's words. 

"Yes, Hailstrong. Why?"

"Well, not many people here know about Hailstrong, but we get some radio communiques from that direction, and man you guys are so far it's hard to imagine you came from that far away. Are you hiding something?" He said with eyebrows raised.

"No not all, trust me, I'm telling you the truth, when I say I was abducted here, I even have a souvenir." Taylor said bringing his hands a little to close the the device on his neck getting a nasty little shock," Ahhhh!" He screamed quickly prying his hands away from it. Harru however grabbed his colour and studied the oval, but smooth shaped device that was bonded to his neck curiously.

"What, is that?" He asked rhetorically.

"Hell if I know but if you could take it off you can freaking have it, I can't stand getting shocked like that! Honestly I should have the right to bring my hands to my neck right?" Taylor blabbered.

"Well I think that’s a stupid Idea, where did you get it from?"Harru asked. Taylor just gave him the 'are you seriously asking me that question look'," Oh alright then." Harru said continuing towards a building forged from ice, but had nice ice sculpting depicting some hunters battling bravely against the wolves.

"Is this the place?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah." Harru said a little differently as if trying to put on a stronger Demeanour. The two walked into the building. Harru lead them in further arriving at a large room with various weapons attached to a round room, and a ice carved table, and chairs in the middle of it.  Their sat a big burly man with similar blue eyes to Harru's, and hair colour. Although physically compared to Harru, this man could break him in two. This had to be his Father.

"What is it Harru? " He raised his head giving him a disappointed look, with a tinge of loathing. What was that all about?

"I found this man, collapsed outside of here, when I was working on the turbines. I brought him here once he had woken up. He says he was abducted and escaped from a very large tower of some sort." Harru said, as his father raised a curious unbelieving eye," I don't believe him of course." Harru added

"Thanks Harru you may wait outside." He said, surprising Taylor. Most parents would have been warmer to their children what was this guy trying to play here? Taylor thought.

"What is your name?" He asked.

"Taylor Dorden."  Taylor replied already not liking this man all that much.

"Take a seat Taylor." He motioned to the chair across him, Taylor didn't want to but viewing his position his usual defiant sarcastic self would do him no favours here, so he sat down. 

"I apologize about my son, he is very unbecoming of a man..."

"I think he is brilliant." Taylor cut him off. Receiving a scowl.

" He is weak." He finished, this comment got on Taylors nerve, his fist clenched as his face momentarily frowned.

"He has ingenuity and all you care about is his lack of Physi..."

"Enough about my son!" He said loudly showing his distaste of this topic. Taylor stood down, looking down at the table starting to fiddle with metal rings in his pockets bring it to the table. Whenever Taylor was nervous or bored he tended to fiddle with these two metal rings. He brought them to the table swinging them and flipping them through his fingers. The man gave him a questioning look before continuing.

"Anyways my name  is Otto Allensgarth, I am the clan leader of this community Taylor Dorden. I don't take kindly to people who disrupt my people, even if it may be my son. So where are you really from?"Otto pressed him. Taylor repressed a sigh before replying.

"I am from Hailstrong, but I do not spread lies, Sir. I like your son was fixing a wind turbine, when I was picked up.."

"Hailstrong! That's quite a distance away from here Mr Dorden." He said giving him a suspicious look.

"I wasn't finished, Mr Allensgarth!"  Taylor said as his temper rose," As I was saying I was picked up by a large flying machine, and I was brought to a large tower like your son explained, and I have proof of my claims!" He said pulling his collar revealing the silver oval device to Otto who looked unimpressed.

"Am I supposed to believe you just because you have some strange device on your neck? For all I know you're a..." 

"You think I'm one of those savages! Is that what you think?" Taylor said his temper somewhere on the ceiling now. How dare this man for even for the slightest moment propose he was a cannibal?Taylor stood up slamming the table.

"Yes, I do and I have every right to Mr Dorden! Your story is absolutely ludicrous!" Otto replied.

"You had me pegged at the beginning!" He snarled," How am I supposed to prove my innocence? you didn't even bother consider a word I said.  I have been telling you the truth from the beginning! Haven't you had people go missing out their Otto Allensgarth? Totally unexplained without a trace, no blood, no nothing?" At this comment Otto looked totally taken back but still held an intimidating stance.

"People go missing all the time." He replied.

"Yeah but normally you find evidence to the nature of why. Don't you?"  Taylor said sitting back down his temper cooling off rapidly, as the speed of link rings on his left index fingers slowed.

"Yes normally, but not always. But that doesn't make your story any easier to swallow. Now Mr Dorden at the heart of me all I want is this place to be safe, you're a unknown. I can't just let every beggar in, those cannibals will try anything to get in here and...."

"I know where your coming from, but you credit them with to much brain power, and personally I take that as insult to my own intelligence."  Taylor said trying to keep his teeth unclenched.

"Alright then, Harru, you can come back in." He said giving him a moment to enter the room again," You will keep a close eye on this man, alright, and you will report everything that he does to me, and to make sure he doesn't try anything I will have Bruth drop by every little while. You both may go, and Mr Dorden, you even step out of place in the slightest, I will have you killed. Just keep it mind that I warned you.

The End

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