Just Another DayMature

Guinevere Tall

Guinevere sat on an old wooden bench in her house, that she shared with no one, staring out at the snow-covered ground. It was cold and she was worried. Oh, why did the world have to freeze over?, thought as she got up and stretched her legs to wake them up from their nap.

The wind whipped at her auburn locks as she opened the door and stepped into ice land. She began to walk along the edge of the street, whispering to herself about everything. Usually, Guinevere wasn't this odd, normally she wasn't odd at all. But unfortunately, this was one of her bad days, where she would talk to no one, and not be the mature teenagert that everyone thought she was.

"I wish I had my parents." She muttered as she stopped in front of an old house and finally opened the door and stepped in.

It was Tessa's house.

Tessa Marie was nineteen years old, the only person even close to Gwen's age. But still, there was a two year difference. Tessa had wild blonde hair and very colorful glasses. Guinevere liked Tessa. She was strange, yes. She invented crazy things, yes. But Guinevere did.

Once you got to know Tessa, you couldn't help but love her.

Guinevere looked around the house for the girl, but sadly, she wasn't there. Probably taking a walk, like Gwen, there was nothing else to do these days.

She stepped outside, again and sighed. Now there was no one to talk to.

The End

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