The Tiny GirlMature

                                                                         Alice Parker


Alice watched thourgh the window as the two boys made there way though the center of the settlement. She knew one of them from childhood, Harru she thought was his name. The other was a mystery. One did not want to know the answer to.

She turned away from her window and closed the curtain. She hated the outside world. The ugly dullness. She wished she could see what would was like with a sun. When people didn’t eat people. Where she would not have been scared of everything.

She turned and walked to the tiny table she had and sat down. Closing her eyes, she pictured her childhood. This place she was not her real home. She came here when she eight, after her own home was attacked.

As a small child, Alice loved the outside. She would play in the snow, read in the snow. She would do anything so she wouldn’t have to go indoors. Her parents where very smart people. Noble people. If the world was still as it had been many years ago, they would have been rich, powerful people. Now that wasn’t close.

Her parents raised her well. She was wise beyond her years, smarter then adults in her birth settlement. People thought she would save them, fix this hell they now had to live in.

Alice’s mother told her it was like the ninth layer of hell. Cold and for the damned, people who were not worth saving. Alice never understood that as a small child till she read the novel her mother quoted.

That day when the wicked, evil people cam to her home was craved into her mind till the moment she would die. That day was the ending of her old life and the start of her new life.

She was in bed, tucked under the covers, and waiting to fell asleep when screams made her jump. She sat up and walked to her door when she saw her father running towards her.

“Alice, baby, come here, now!” He picked her up and carried her to the back door. Her Mother, she could here, was shouting and crying.

“Where’s the child?” Someone had demand. She hared her mother catch her bed, as her father carefully shut the two in the attic.

“What child? My child is dead. She died a little more then a year ago.” Alice’s mother said, a fake sob leaving her throat.

“Then why are you keeping all of this stuff?” Said a sharp female voice.

“Because, I miss her.” Her mother answered.

“Wrong answer.” Said the female voice. After that she hared her mother screaming, her father crying and glass breaking. She looked over in the dark attic and saw her fathers grim face.

“Is Mommy alive?” She asked.


By the time her father was ready to move to a place where he was sure was safe, about two days travel by sled, it was Alice’s birthday. She was know nine and called herself a big girl.

She had everything that was able to be saved when the crazy people killed her mother. A few blankets, jackets, a few toys and books. Tons of books.


When they reached the new settlement, her father was given a house and a day to hunt. That was something new to her father. Hunting.

So, while Alice was at school, he would hunt and help in whatever way he could. Alice was growing a little taller, barley over four foot by the time she was twelve, and becoming a young women. She was sweet and gentle, and took care of the two nicely.

Than was till one day when she was thirteen.

She was sitting at home, reading a book when a knock came at her home. She got up, and put her book on her fathers bed. She brushed her hair behind her ear and opened the door.

Two men pushed past carrying her fathers body. At that moment she began to sob before the men could even talk.

“Alice Parker?” The men asked.

“Yes?” She asked in-between cries.

“I’m sorry, your father died. He was killed by a unknown creature-” the men couldn’t finished because Alice was screaming.

“HOW? GOD DAMN IT! HOW?” Alice yelled knocking this off tables and tossing things at the men.

“All we tell you, Miss. Parker, is that your father was found on the ground. Left for dead.” One of the men told her.

“You have a day to prepare him for burial. We will come in the morning to bury him.” She shot him a look as she made her way to her father.

The men said a silent prayer and left her. She took her father hand and began to talk to him.

“Daddy, I’m sorry. I love you. Tell Mommy I love her. Please come back Daddy. Please I miss you so much. What got you? God Damn it I’ll kill it. I know, young ladies shouldn’t swear. All I say to that is F**k it. That’s bull and you know it.” The one way conversation went on like for hours, tell she fell asleep.

That was the day she swore she would stay inside for ever.

The End

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