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Harru Allensgarth

The wind was howling through the barren, frozen lands. Nothing was seen in a hundred mile radius from the Toronto community, and the bleached skies promised nothing but cold eternity. Sunlight was a foreign noun in this frozen world, a most wished for phenomenon that the old men and women from each community had lived to enjoyed and regretted to remember because they could, and would never, see and feel it again in their aging and decaying lives. As the years progressed, everybody had forgotten about the sun and focused more on how to get food and battle off the pack of wolves that attached the communities every now and then. 

The Toronto community got its name from a metallic plate with numbers in it. The leader of the community, Otto Allensgarth, thought it fit. He accidentally stumbled across the hidden city two years ago when he was migrating from his old settlement. In here, he built the city surrounded by pillars of ice. An old engineer repaired all the air turbines and erected new ones with the help of his apprentice, Harru Allensgarth. 

Harru was in his room, flipping through the yellowed pages of his notebook and racking his brain for missing information. His notebook was filled with drawings and annotations about many things, mostly drawings of the sun. Sitting unproductively for so long had its devastating effects, especially when you're a thin man. He went out to breathe in some of the cold and piercing air. 

"Harru, how do you do?" 

Harru was startled by the voice and quickly turned around. He saw the best warrior of the community, a heavy axe poised on his shoulder. "H-hello Bruth" was all he managed to say. "What are you up to?"

"We're off hunting some wolves, we're low on meat," said Bruth, then he looked at his companions and back at Harru and said in a mocking tone, "would you like to join us?"

"I-I think I cannot," stammered Harru. "I have turbines to fix and..."

"I told you he was too much of a chicken to go," jeered one of Bruth's companions. "Look at him, the wolf would swallow him completely."

Harru flushed with anger. "I am a man of science, I don't need to kill to show that I am strong."

"Let us do the tough stuff then little girl," said Bruth, "you can stay here and play with your useless devices." He shoved past Harru.

Harru fell on the snowy ground and saw the group of hunters disappearing fast into the icy wastes. He was angered at himself for not being like them, brave and strong. His father was a great warrior, why couldn't he be like him? Otto would be proud of Harru if he brought a wolf back. And that was what he was going to do. He went inside and took his crossbow out. His crossbow was different, it had tiny cells attached to the top part of it, the shiniest part of the cell was angled in such a way toward the arrow as to furnished it with electricity or heat. 

He rapidly ran after the group. He had walked for several minutes before realizing that he was alone. His heart raced, his eyes could not focus. he wanted to turn back, but a strong gust of wind had strike him down. He felt the ground shaking and trembling underneath him, he heard roars and shouts and he knew a prey game was going on not too far away from him. He quickly scrambled up and ran away from the noise. He didn't feel like proving himself to his father anymore. He only wanted to run. 

His foot got caught with something and he slammed his face on the snow again. He cursed before getting up and seeing what had caught his foot. It was an arm. He gasped. The arm was attached to a body. Harru hesitantly got close to the body, trying to figure out if it was alive or dead. It was a man, not much older than him. Harru pressed his fingers on his jugular vein and felt a faint pulse. He eyelids of the man fluttered momentarily. The noise of the battle and running was coming closer to him.

"Why does this has to happen to me?" He mumbled, putting the unconscious man's arm around his shoulder and heaving him up. Harru limped as fast as he could back to the community. 

When Harru had carried the man inside his house, he lighted the fire. It was a rustic fireplace made in the middle of the house, with sticks, stones, and wolf's fat. He tried slapping the man several times until he came back to consciousness. It did worked.

"Could you stop that?" the man grunted in annoyance. He rubbed his eyes and tried to sit up, but his limbs were still sore because of the cold. "What happened? Where am I?"

"You're at my house. Who are you, where do you come from?"

"I don't know, somewhere with wind turbines?" He pressed his hand on his head. "I don't remember much, I must've been dazed."

"Apparently," said Harru in an undertone. "What were you doing outside anyway?"

The man tried hard to remember. "I- I was escaping, running as fast as I could."

"From the wolves?"

"No, from a building, with a tower..."

"Impossible." Harru felt sorry for the man, he must've hit his head pretty hard. "There's no such thing as that."

"I'm telling you I saw it, I was chained and then I escaped. It's all so bizarre." He looked around him and saw the messy room, with drawings tacked to the walls and a lot of metal trinkets lying everywhere. "Who are you?"

"I'm Harru," said Harru.

"Taylor. Are you some sort of inventor?"

"Kinda," said Harru, blushing. "One day, I will invent something to bring back the sun and..."

Taylor snorted. "Fairy tales. The sun is gone."

"No it's not," contested Harru, "the sun is out there, just that we cannot see it. I've been studying the skies for two years and I'm pretty certain of it."

"Whatever you say." Taylor tried to stand, this time successful. "I have to go back home."

"And where is that? There isn't another settlement nearby. You must've traveled far by foot. No wonder you fainted in the middle of the icy desert." 

"I told you I was abducted!"

"You're lying, I think it's best if you talked to my father. He has to know you're here."

"Fine. Take me to him."

Harru stood and extinguished the fire. He led the way toward his father's abode in the center of the community. Taylor followed him, a reverie bursting in his mind. Was there such a thing as a building with a tower? Nothing of the sort existed, only icebergs towering the expanses of white. But what if it was true? What did this all meant? Harru became truly fascinated and intrigued by the young man's story. 

The End

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