On Very Thick IceMature

The world is frozen over for over fifty years, people live under massive ice sheets with massive wind turbines powering the lights and what not. People fear attacks from cannibals and large sized wolves. But a strange rumour arises of flying machines and giant mechs roaming the ice abducting humans, and destroying everything.

Taylor Dorden

A lone figure sat on a large wind turbine, the figure was sitting 200 feet off the ground, and today’s winds were howling. Most would have went back in to wait it out, but Taylor had his reasons for being a fool. One there was a girl, two he felt he could best the wind anyways. Taylor was fixing one of the 20 wind turbines that had powered a settlement underneath 20 meters of ice. This was the state of most the world. Civilization is gone, just a barren wasteland of white, and cold. The conditions were harsh and most people would die if they tried to stay above to long. If the slightest mistake was made you would pay dear consequences. Like Taylor here, if he had sat just the wrong way he would slip and fall and break several bones. Then he would slowly bleed and freeze to death. Lovely?The wind howled, shutting a metal sheet down on the area which Taylor was working.

"Come on!" He cursed," I'm almost done!"  He went to lift the large metal sheet as the wind pushed back on it.  Taylor grunted as he body slammed the metal panel back. The grabbing onto it for dear life as his body threatened to slip off the icy surface. He barely managed to hall himself, and fix the machine which had been damaged because of a build up of tiny ice balls. Basically snow that was sucked up into the turbine.

"Oh you would never guess that one!" Taylor yelled maniacally," Always the freaking same. Oh Taylor turbines not working, could it be a wiring failure?  No because a failure would be different. No instead just more idiotic freaking ice balls! Everything its all frozen! why can't something actually break that’s not related to it being Frozen!" He said out loud, but hey being out in the cold and spending much of your time alone talking to yourself beats becoming a psychopathic murderer any day.

The Turbine started to hum, Taylor's cue to climb down the ladder which he happily did. He strapped himself to a device that he believed just made people more comfortable climbing the ladder that would soon one day be the end of him or someone else. Anyways the idea of the device is it would glide smoothly on a pull beside the ladder. the device was connected to him by a rope and a harness. So in theory if Taylor slipped which was likely the speed would pull the breaks on the device. Taylor believed that if feel it would definitely stop him, but the rope was gonna break, so it would just give him a few more seconds to think. Well this sucks!

Anyways despite slipping twice on the iced up ladder Taylor got to the bottom, taking a breather and recovering from the adrenaline rush. His legs were shaking, one thing he could never get used to was those ladders. He didn't mind the hieght on top of the turbine, but the ladder was bent, was covered in ice, and icicles, and it moved in the wind. He got up a few minutes later heading back to settlement under the ice. The denizens of this settlement called it Hailstrong, Taylor thought it was a stupid name, but it beats Putriddepressingcraphole. As he walked a strong downwards force of air, made him hit the ground. A large electric humming noise was now overpowering the air. He looked up to see a large black metal thing above him. It was blowing the the air downwards at him, and it was impossible to move.  He had heard rumours of such things, and he was one of the few who believed in them. He forced himself up but only barely was he able to stand up to the force. He moved one leg, and was forced back into the snow. Suddenly a bright light blinded him, and something wrapped around his waist bringing him up towards the ship.

He was thrown against a metal platform, the bright light fading away. The only thought running through his head was "at least its warm in here." He got up and drew his Knife which he had modified so he could use it with his hugely insulated gloved hand could use it.  There was no where to hide, and nowhere to go the room seemed to be just no opening, just light, and some strange dome thing on the ceiling with holes in it, the rest was just white coloured metallic panelling. 

"Well maybe I’m just being brought somewhere better." He said out loud trying to calm himself, but he couldn't lie to himself. He was scared, he was in an usual place, and well , it was so warm he was sweating in his outfit which was a completely new experience to him. He had only sweated when he was sick.  What seemed like forever passed until a panel slid upwards and and machine like humanoid walked in. Taylor got up quickly holding his knife out in front of him.

"Stay away from me! Why did you bring me here?" He yelled not noticing he was walking himself into the corner and the machine humanoid had not stopped coming towards him," I will cut you stay back!" He swung the machine grabbed the blade and simply yanked it from. With its other arm it fired a projectile that made him go sleep as soon as it sank into his skin.


Much later Taylor woke up with something cool on his neck, actually it was more than cold, it stung, and it was pinching his skin. He placed his hands on it but was shocked immediately as his hands touched it.

"AHHHH!" He screamed for a moment but heard his scream reverberate through an empty slightly dark corridor," Alright do not bring hands to strange thing attached to neck." He directed himself,"Where the hell am I now?" 

He looked around it was indeed a corridor with silver metallic pillars etched with stair like protrusion on it side lined the corridor. He was slumped against the wall his legs chained to it, but there was a crack in the chains, that were binding him to the wall. Without a second guess got out his knife that was lying beside his body, and smashed it smacked at it a few times. It broke, Taylor didn't even think twice to why he still had his weapons, or the fact that he wasn't shocked by freeing himself. Instead he just ran and ran, and crawled through various vents until he had found what he was used to. The big white Barren lands, He fled taking a look back at where he had came from. there was a large tower which quickly disappeared into clouds above. He did his best not to imagine what that tower held in stock, seeing that it was at least ten kilometres round at its base.  Smoke was coming from various parts of the tower, but Taylor did not take a second look as he ran. 


Much time had passed since he had fled the scary machine filled building, exhaustion was taking over, and the cold winds were chewing away at him, beating away any warmth he had. His steps were shortening as he staggered, around.

"Dammit." He mumbled falling face first into the snow. He laid there knowing he was going to die soon, the darkness was already filling his sight, something rolled him over, and a figure was looking down at him. Some had found him? Or was it just another machine? He couldn't tell because the world completely faded away by then.

The End

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