Sam: Why do I have to come?Mature

"Hey, watch it girl" I say as she pulls me along. I was slightly pleased when she grabbed me on instinct but now I think it wasn't so good.

"Hurry Up then" Lily hisses. I begin to run properly easily jogging at her side.

"Why do I have to come?" I moan.

"Don't you care about anyone" she says shocked.

"I care about a few people.... would it surprise you you're on the list?" I say.

At this she blushes turns her head away slightly but continues running.

Then she begins to shout Melonies name. I hear others behind doing the same. I could find her for you.

"Really why don't you do it then?" I say shrugging and leaning against a tree.

"Please Riddle" Lily says.

Manners are the key. Riddle looks at me slightly miffed but I just shrug.

"I don't do manners well" I say shortly. Then Riddle begins on some hocus pocus.

The End

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