Lily: Fire!Mature

'Guys there's a fire!'  Rosina came flying into the room, her hair cut short and the scissors still in her hand.  'We need to leave.'

No-one move we can't leave this place.

'But we'll burn alive.'

This house is protected from things like fires.  You didn't think I wouldn't take precautions against such things.  Riddle's voice sounded slightly smug and Rosina rolled her eyes.

'Why didn't you tell me that before I nearly had a fit?'  I laughed inwardly, not daring to do it out loud incase she really was in a bad mood.  Sam and I continued smoking as the room returned to it's original state.

A hand tapped me nervously on the shoulder and I turned to see who it was.  It was Olivia looking worried.

'Melody.'  That was all she said.

'What about Melody?'  Sam wasn't interested looking out into the forest.

'She's out there somewhere, she ran outside.'  Oh shit.

'Riddle, Melody is out in the forest.  Is she protected?'  I dreaded the answer I knew would come.


I turned stubbing out my cigarette on the floor, grabbed Sam's arm and ran.  I had to find Melody before she got trapped in the fire.

The End

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