Olivia Mary Tarrante: Questions.Mature

I don't know the time am-I have no idea what the time is because I do not wear a watch. If I did wear a watch I would have to swap which wrist I wore it on every six hours and I might forget and that would be bad. A girl with long brown hair offers me a Wet Wipe, from a twelve pack which has been prevously opened. She is called Melody. I am grateful. She talks to me and I feel less scared.

A few minutes later am- I clean my hands and wonder where I should deposit the Wet Wipe. The boy walks over with a beer, supermarket own brand, presumably from a six pack. I wonder if he is legally old enough to drink alcohol. He talks to the girl Melody and I recall that she is a year older than I and used to be overweight. I tell her this. She walks off, slamming the door. I feel that this was the wrong thing to say and my hands feel dirty. Melody is angry so she will not lend me another Wet Wipe.

A minute or two after that am- I stand up and walk to the boy. He seems disgruntled that I am here. I recall that he used to go to our school, I cannot recall if he was kicked out or not. I ask him whether he is legally old enough to drink alcohol. He looks at me and scoffs. I am scared of him and move to the other girl he seems to be talking to a lot. She has purple eyes. I ask her questions.

'Who was the other voice?

'Why are we here?

'Is Melody upset?

'Do you have any Wet Wipes?'

The End

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