Melody: CalmMature

I'm tired, cold and I should be terrified, but I'm calm.
One of the girls, Olivia I think her name is, she's terrified. She sits apart from us and seems to be trying to blend into the sofa. Sam is following poor Lily around and she seems to hate it one minute and like it the next. It's amusing to watch, no matter how much he annoys me. The two of them are still showing typical signs of nervousness, jumping at every little sound outside for example. Rosina is still picking twigs out of her hair, she seems on edge and I start to wonder, am I the only one who's completely calm here?

I walk over to the sofa and sit down beside Olivia. She's scraping at her hands and muttering under her breath. Ah...I remember this girl, she's OCD, they called her neatfreak when I was in school, I think she was the year below me. "My name is Melody." I try to start a conversation with her and she sits starting at her hands, trying to rub invisible dirt off them. Taking pity on her I open my backpack and pull out a packet of wet wipes. I hand them to her and she looks up at me gratefully. She's so small and petite. "Thank you." she half whispers and I grin "No problem. If we're gonna be stuck here for a while we may as well all get along" I pause and look over at Sam. "Not much hope of being friends with EVERYONE though." I say loudly. He looks over at me and smiles. I glare at him and his face falls. I don't like hating people but I can't forgive him for those horrible comments he used to shout at me in school.

He walks over towards me with a beer in his hand and scratches the back of his head with the other. "Look Mel, what I said back then doesn't matter right? I mean, we were in school, we didn't know what we were talking about..." I ignore him completely and stand up, turning my back. Olivia looks puzzled and then recognition dawns in her eyes. "You were in the year above me!" her mouth drops open. "You used to be really fat."

Oh great.

I walk out the door without looking back and slam it behind me. I take a few steps forward and then stop. We weren't in the forest anymore, I was standing in a huge garden. "Magic huh?" I mutter. "Wish Riddle would teach me how to disappear."

They need you as much as you need them. When the time is right, you'll understand.

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" I scream in frustration and start off walking down a path to a small pond.

The End

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