She tried to turn away but I grabbed her wrist and span her back to my chest. Her face went slightly pink.

"Teasing you is one of my greatest joy's here" I whisper in her ear. She shoved me back and she stumbled but she got enough space to turn and run off.

I couldn't help but smile. I began to whistle as I went to the fridge. It was filled with many different things. "Great Beer" I say taking one out.

I lean back against the kitchen surface and open it up before taking a big swig. I go out to the front and light a ciggarett.

"At least everythings easy here" I say leaning back.

It would be easier if you stopped teasing them.

I turn to look at the faceless creature who brought us her. "I'm a guy stuck in a house with three girls" I shrug. "What do you expect me to do?"

I take another drag of smoke blowing it out before I take a drink of the beer.

I've provided you what you like and I'm keeping you safe so in return I ask you do not bother the girls to much. I've seen your life Sam it is not pretty even though it could be. You have the brains just not the guts to do anything with them.

Then shes gone. "I didn't need a lecture" I mutter.

The End

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