Lily: Five of us under one roofMature

When I opened my eyes we had moved and were some sort of living and dining area.  I looked out the window and saw we were surrounded by trees.

'Holy crap you have got to show me how to do that.'  I was impressed.

You can't do that yet.  But I suppose learning a little magic would help, there are some books on spells over there if you're interested.

I thought she was kidding but when I went to have a look sure enough there were books on how to cast spells.  I'd always fancied being a witch and now I had time on my hands I guess I could become one.

Your final companion is arriving.

We could hear feet crashing through the forest outside and the door flew open to reveal a quite unremarkable girl with a look of terror on her face.

All five of you must stay here, it's for your own safety.  I will let you settle in and will then let you know what is going on.

And with that she vanished.  No-one knew quite what to say to each other so I took the lead and walked over to the girl who was still standing in the doorway.

'Hi I'm Lily.  What's your name?'

'I'm Olivia Mary Tarrante, born 16th June...'

'Oh God not another freak.'  Sam rolled his eyes and walked off to the kitchen.  I followed and hit him on the arm with the magic book I had taken from the shelf.

'How dare you!  Can't you see she's scared to death?'  A smile crept onto his face.

'It got you talking to me again didn't it.'

'Argh!!!'  Why was he so appealing when he was winding me up.

'You're cute when you're angry.'  His smile was smug, he knew he'd won.

The End

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