I had just finished packing a bag for the few days I was going to spend away when I hear that Joanne had been killed. I'm shocked, I mean she lived down the road from me. In fact, I saw her two days ago and she waved at me and smiled.

I walk around the house and tie up my long chocolate brown hair as I look for the last few bits I need. I pass by an old photograph taken in school and smile sadly. There I was, like I used to be, small and fat. Nobody ever noticed me until I turned 18 and lost all my puppy fat and got elegant curves and stopped getting spots. Joanne was in the background of it, wearing a big smile as she watched the older years messing around with the camera.

Then there was banging on my front door and I heard a man shouting something.

Don't go out.

A voice in my head warns me not to move and then tells me to climb out the window with my going away backpack. I kiss my fingers and touch my violin as I abandon it for good and I hop out the window and over the back fence.

I follow the voice and eventually I reach a house in the forest and see the last person on earth that I ever hoped to see again.

I start to fiddle with my hair and glare at him angrily. "What?" he takes a long drag off his cigarette and eyes me up.

"Sam, I hoped I'd never have to see you again you a-hole." he had tormented me all through school because I was fat back then.

He looks at me surprised "Sorry but do I know you?" he stares at me intently and I sigh. "It's me, Melody Shortt."

His eyes widen in surprise as he looks me up and down. "Wow Mel, you got.... well..." he trails off.

"Thinner?" I say through gritted teeth before I turn to walk away from him. This was going to be the worst time of my life if I had to stay anywhere NEAR him.

I bump into a girl with purple eyes and we stare at each other for a second before I introduce myself. She half smiles and tells me her name is Lily. She looks familiar but then again everyone looks familiar to me.

Then a girl with leaves in her hair stumbles in the door. "Eh.. hi?" she looks a bit lost.

Join the club luvvie! I think to myself.

The End

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