Rosina: Ooooh it's a house...Mature

I pick myself up, and wipe the mud and leaves from it. "Fuck. In. Hell. That hurt." I mutter angery under my breath. I hear crunching sounds behind me, my head whirls around and I see them again. I creep over to a bush and roll under it.

Ow ow ow... I think to myself, as a sharp twig embeds itself in my body. I feel tears spring up, This hurts!

I hear them crunch away, I stick my head out, my burgandy hair blending in with the leaves. I see them in the far distance, I grap some roots and hull myself out. My bag lays underneith, I pull it out and creap off into the distance.

For some reason my maddness overcomes me and the Misson Impossible theme tune plays in my head as I dodge in and out of the trees, edge around bushes and jump over thick ringed roots.

I come to the end and am face with a big house, Oooooooh, it's a house. Is this civalisation at last? I step forward, then think again looking down at my tall body, Great, a nice house, and I look like shit. Brilliant! I think, my mood worsening as I brush myself down. What a fan-fucking-tastic day this has been. I think pulling a twig out of my hair.

The End

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