Sam: Talking... I hate itMature

"Hiya..... do you know what the fuck is going on?" I ask leaning against the wall off the house.

I look the girl over. Nice body.

"Um, we've been framed for the murder of Joanna Hart" she says fidgiting. Nervous, should of known I built up a well known bad reputation during high school..... hell still got good grades.

Surpose thats the reason they didn't kick me out from being the fact I was there best student.

"Murder's not my thing.... assault deffinetly and theft rarely but not murder" I say shaking my head.

"I wouldn't do it either" she mutters.

"Yeah, you deffinetly not the type" I say looking at her find body covered in average clothes.

"Will you stop checking me out" I look at her face embarassed but fierce and smile to myself.

"Make me suger" I say leaning back my head and closing my eyes. I hear her huff and walk off angrily.

I'm gonna have some fun here.

The End

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