Lily: HouseMature

I was taken to this massive house on the outskirts of town, I couldn't see anyone else there.

'Why are we here?'

Don't worry, we just have to wait for the others to arrive and then we're moving again.  The house was empty, the walls were covered in peeling plaster and the floor was bare.

'Who are the others?'

There are a group of you who are being set up for the murder of Joanne, they want you locked up so they can move in.  You are the only ones who can stop them.  I voice echoed out of the darkness.

'Anyone home?'  I froze, who was here?

Don't worry Lily, he's one of you.

I could hear his footsteps approaching and then they go outside.

Follow me.  I stayed close behind her as she walked out onto a porch.  A guy was there trying to light a cigarette.  He turned around.

'This is your place.'  Had she spoken?  I hadn't heard anything but then she had no face so I didn't know if she had a mouth.

Another of the five is coming here, I have to go help them.  Be nice while I'm gone.

She flew off.  The guy had been at my school a few years ago, what was his name, Sam I think, he'd got into so much trouble you wouldn't believe.


The End

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