Rosina: Going, going... GONE!Mature

I press myself against the rough bricky terrane of the wall, as the feds look out  of the window.

I can hear - and smell - the skank breath of one of them. I think you could use a Tic-Tac mate, I think to him. He grunts, almost as if he heard me. Suddenly he pulls away and I hear him walk away.

"You're going to have to jump you know," A quite literally faceless person says in front of me, you heard right folks, the faceless person is in front of me. I jump in fright, it comes towards me and covers my mouth. I muffle a thank you through its hand.

No problem Rosina.

Did you ju-

Yes, yes I did - am - talking in your head.

Ahh, right. Why don't you have a face?

I have a face.

No, no I pretty sure, that you do not have a face.

Well then, you're pretty wrong.

Just because you can't see my face, doesn't mean to say that I have no face.

Ok then, where is your face?

All in good time, Rosina, all in good time.

Thanks for that, what's your name?


Riddle? Well, if the name fits....

C'mon, we need to jump.

Jump? Are you freakin' kidding me? JUMP?!?!?!!?


Oh thank God you're only kiddi-

No, I was replying to your latter comment.

You mean to say, I have to jump?


Well, isn't that just so fucking fantastic.


Go. To. Hell.

Riddle laughs, C'mon, it's easy.

I snort quietly, That's easy for you to say, you're floating in the air for Christ's sake!

And, I'll catch you if you fall - out of control I mean.

Oh, well isn't that a relife.

C'mon, Riddle pulls me off the flat building, holding a hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. Not that I can, too scared, far too scared.

We land with a thud, Riddle dissapers. Huh, not even a goodbye, charmin'. I wander around, I look behind to see a police van behind me. SHIT!

Instead of running and drawing attention to myself, I lower my head, letting my fall around my face, hiding my pale face. I crouch down slightly to seem insignificant, the car drives by.

Peek through my hair, the police car stops, the officers- no wait, they're not officers. Oh shit! I duck into an alleyway, and climb a random set of ladders. The non-police officers come down, one of the buch looking men stands right below me, in his hand is a black hand held gun.

"When's 'e gettin' 'ere?" The one below me asks.

"Dunno mate, soon I 'ope. We need 'elp we do." The other one says.

My hair blows lightly in the wind, dust from the steps fly into my face. My nose twiches once, twice. "AHCHEW!!" Both men look up startled, and start firing, I jump down and run out of the street.

I dodge in and out of the random shoppers, I hear the men following. I leap over random things on the floor. I dodge into a small wood, glancing behind I no longer see them.

I stupidly don't look where I'm going and end up face planting in the ground. "Bugger."

The End

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