Sam: The HouseMature

I walked in the place was huge and the main door went into a open area. My feet clapped against the floor echoing.

"Anyone home?" I ask. No reply, great I'm all alone. But the place doesn't seem abandoned. It seems fairly new..... and so close to my house why haven't I seen it before these woods it stood in were very familiar to me.

Hmm, I walk through the halls. "This place is weird" I mutter. I go to the frot pourch and put out a ciggarette. I pull out a lighter and click the flame on. I bring it out the flame going out.

I try again and it does the same thing. "Smokings a bad habit" I turn to see two girls.

One amazingly calm and another terrified to death that I swear I've seen before. I slip the ciggarette back into the pack and put it in my pocket with my lighter.

"This your place" I say jerking a finger at the building.

"I surpose it is" the calm girl says smiling.

The End

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