I kick the guy one last time for certainty and walked off. I hate those fucking bastards.

I push a hand back through my sweaty midnight black hair and continue to walk down the alley.

I turn 19 today and first thing I get. A guy jumping me and finding out Joanna's dead. Poor Girl she was a nice one didn't deserve to get murdered and that.

"Run" something whispers. I turn to see nothing there. Now look I'm going crazy. I pull out a cigarette and light it. I breath it the smoke and breath it out slowly.

I walk all the way to the end of my road...... and crap.

Two police cars wait on at my house. A man turns and sees me. "Shit" I swear dropping my ciggarette and running.

"Get back here. You are under arrest for the murder of Joanna Hart" a police officer shouts trying to chase me down. But he's got know chance.

"Turn left"

That voice again but I don't have time to think about it. I turn left and follow the instructions till I come up a to a large building.

"Wow" I mutter.

The End

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