It was just an ordinary day at school.  I turned up at my normal time and went to my normal lessons and talked to my friends as usual.

Then I went home and heard the news on the radio.  The body of seventeen-year-old schoolgirl Joanne Hart was found today in an alley near her home.  The police are calling for any witnesses who might have seen her there...

How horrid.  Joanne had been in some of my classes, it was weird to think she wouldn't be there anymore.  I went up to my room and contemplated starting to do some work.  There was a note on my desk.

Run while you still can.

That was a bit strange why would I want to run.  The phone rang.  It was Chris.

'OMG did you hear the news.  They're saying Joanne Hart was murdered!'

'I know I just heard the news, it's terrible isn't it!'  There was a banging on the front door.

'Come out Miss Clark.  We need to talk to you regarding the murder of Joanne Hart.'

'I have to go Chris, I'll talk to you later.'  I was about to head downstairs when a figure appeared in front of me.  She was tall with long flowing golden hair and had long white wings.

'Don't do it, it's just what they want you to do.  Run.  I'll help you get out.'

'Why would I want to run, I haven't done anything wrong.'

'It's a trap, they've planted your DNA all over the crime scene, there is no way you can get out of this one.'

'Miss Clark, we know you are in there.'

'OK then take me, where are we going?'

The End

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