Jackeye stared down at the hole in his body and the blood oozing out of it.

“Ouch.” He said wincing. He whirled around, facing the women again. “That hurt.”

Suddenly his eyes flew wide open.

“Oh, no.” He breathed. “I’m dead.” And he fainted to the ground.

The women tiptoed cautiously closer to him. Jackeye could feel the echo of her footsteps on the floor and his mind whirred through all the things he could do. Jackeye could feel her getting closer now and it was only a matter of seconds before she would be looming over him. He waited patiently as he tightened his grasp on his sword. Why wouldn't she hurry up. At this rate, he was going to bleed to death first. His eyes were only half shut and he inspected the women’s armor carefully. Almost completely flawless. But he could find a way through that metal of hers and drive the sword home.

The women peer over him cautiously. There was a moment of silence as the women contemplated on what to do next. Jackeye suddenly grinned and drove the sword upwards, sending it through her as well.

“Oop. Didn’t mean that.” He said smirking at the women. Her face was twisted into shock. “I meant to do this.”

He pulled the sword out and stabbed her again.

“Revenge.” He grinned. “Don’t think that you can drive a hole through Jackeye without having two driven through you.”

The End

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