Jackeye: Still AliveMature

Jackeye after killing the entire crew of the Firetail, is met with one last opponent. And it's a fight to the death....

The ship rocked back and forth as Jackeye stared into the horizon. The setting sun shone on the waters, dying the ocean blood red. Red just like the ship. Everyone on the ship should be dead. Unless of course, there was a stowaway or someone he didn’t completely kill.

The ship was called the Firetail. A large ship with two double masts and one large mermaid at the stern. The ship was a beautiful ship itself, something he would have gladly crafted. But now the pure wooden floors of the ship were stained with blood. It wasn’t his fault. Gardiel was the one that started it. He was the one that placed that stupid bet. The one on how many people they could kill in one sitting. So Jackeye ended up killing him. Not like there was anything wrong with that.

The waves of the sea lapped lightly at the ship as Jackeye pushed the bodies off the ship with rocks tied to them. There was no need to bring these people back. It would only give him more unnecessary enemies. Anyways, killing someone in Nevermore was throwing them in the sea with rocks tied to their feet. It wasn’t like he was breaking the rules or anything.

He reached over at another body, when he suddenly jerked back. It was still alive. eyes open wide, staring at him with intense hatred. He saw the blade and instantly hoped back, dodging a stab.

His lips curled into a smirk as he assessed his assaulter.

So he wasn’t finished. Not just yet.

The End

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