"No One Gets to the Finish Line without a Few Dents"Mature

Just short pieces based on some life lessons pulled from the internet. (Contains a little swearing in some chapters)

            Her coughs were fading, sounding less like coughs and more like scratchy breaths. Her sun-spotted, wrinkly face scrunched in pain. Trembling, her frail hands grasped tightly at the thin hospital sheet. She shut her eyelids.

            No, her life wasn’t flashing before her eyes. But she purposefully recalled some of the biggest moments. Her first, rather pathetic, kiss on her front stoop with a boy she hadn’t seen since high school. Her first real job, working as an assistant in the law firm in which she eventually became senior partner. Her wedding day, with all the tears and hugs and laughs and toasts and the only love she’d ever known. Her mother’s death and her daughter’s birth, on the same tragic, miraculous day. Her father’s death soon after, numbing and unbelievable. Her husband and daughter’s deaths, so unexpected, so heartbreaking. The day she realized she was alone. Forever.

            She’d gained and lost so much in her life. So many joys and so many sorrows. All it came down to were these pathetic moments. Wheezing and gasping for breath through the shrieking pains and the incessant beeps.

            She remembered the first heartbreak in her life – the incomprehensible loss of her younger brother, before he was even born. Eight-year-olds weren’t made to deal with that agony. She’d screamed and sobbed and kicked and contradicted. “Why should I live if everyone around me is just going to die and leave me alone?” she’d yelled.

            A silent tear rolled through the crinkles around her eye into her white tufts of hair. Because it’s worth it, she answered her younger self. With a last explosion of anguish, she closed her eyes and let her heart fail.

            She died.

The End

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