Jak: Captin an Crab

"Captin captin!" I yell as i run. My hoovs clip clop as i run.

"I found this crba in the engin room!"

Teh crab floats ahead of me still held by my talapathy. But onyl for a few more moments.

"Oh no!" i cry as the crab falls from my invisdible grip onto the floor. It scuries away into a vent. I neeed mroe fuge! I cnnot use my powers untl i have more fuge bcause it is my food of pwore. "Captin I need fuge!"

But Captin is ignoring me cause i drooped the cfab into the vent and so it has escaped now.

"I will get it back!"

and so i ran off again dwn hte hallway where my hoovs clip clopped again all the way to find thew crab again.

The End

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