Jak: i m jealus

So I went away from the new boy pony who was more prettiful than he was wich made him sad. And ponys dont liekt o be sad kk? Wich made me even mroe sad.


I went bcak tp the enginer romm becas I m the enginer on the OMG Pony XD or whtever the ship is called i dont remeber rite now. But i went there.

Neways when i got there the fuge was all gone! Maybe sumoine had eaten it alredy? This got me a little more sad cuz i secrtly wanted to eat it bcuz it was fuge y'know? And evryone like fuge especally me. In fact i need fuge fro my power, juts liek the stupid new pony needs seaweed. How stupid is tht? Horses dnt even eat seaweeds or any seafoods.

But yah i ned the fudge to make me powerfal. My poweri s telapathy wich is good bcause i m the enginer on the ship an hoofs arnt good for using tools liek renches and hammers and other enginering things. So i cna lift the tools with my mind to fix the things liek the engin.

Bak to the enginer room wher i went i am now there but the fuge i s not. I know i alredy siad this but i wanted to make shure you remebmered. So instead of the fuge i found a strange crab. A crab in space? Its wierd i kno but i did!

I say "I be it came wtih the new merpony cuz they r both frm teh sea!"

This made me not like the new boy pnoy even mroe. I pick up the crab with me telapathy to bring to teh captin.

The End

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