a Copmlication

When celest and nigtshade and dark got the the bridge most of the crew and already got there "fends, ponize" sparklesun called out. "We have a problm!k and excited murmur went through the crew "jack,our engineer has fond a problem with the engins an we cannot go on for the time beging."
"Yes captibn in right I have foubda problem wih the engins. There is lots of sticky fudge like stuff allll ovcer the engins and I we cannot carry on untill it is clear." Jack whinnied
"I want a select tema who I wqill select myself to investagte this strange occurane,"orderd the captin."they will track down whioever ldft this fudge likme sauce and then we will tell them off and carry on with are misson.do AVE ANY vounteers?" Sparklestar continued? "Ooh em me!" Clest jumping up n dpwn in excitment I wanna hep get the bad person what done thing!"
Kan me said a new ponie, "I will killzor them with my lazor beem is!l
Then it is settled,"the cptn said joyfully you will all go and ctach the bad guy and ee will cryy on our misson for the start and haveicecream!"andthere we a grete chee!

The End

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