sooooo sad :(

even thou they had only been in space a little while Nightshade de La Mote was feelin sad. her boyfrnd, Dark Le Black, who was the hasomet ponie on the ship. came up beside her while they were looking out over the night.
@wehat's wrong ngihtshade" heasked with a little nuidge at her shoulder? i miss our cave, darkie" she said with a black tear in her eyes. @I miss how is was so dark and daNK and I mis the cold ppol of water at the back were we could cut ourself and it wouldn't hurt.2 she leanded against him and sighed and dark nuzzled her again. yes he said I miss those things too, why don"t we go back to my cabin and we can remmber togethert the wthing wwe are missing.

jsut then Celest, a a mottled brown ponie who seemed to have light moving in shadows on her winfgs and bodi flounced in.
Oh, please,@ she aid don't be sad and don't cry we're going off on an epic adventure! how you could be so sad when we're going to have so much fun! >< thios is goning to be the veruy very very very bestes! and we're goining to bring the princes back the bestst ever start in the whole wide glaaxy! and it's all gonna be so much fun! i cant belive you are going tio be sad please don't be sad also the captain sparkle skin sent me to get you for a meeting! lalalala! yaya!" and then she flounded off again.

the two blank ponies looked at eacvh other.
@this is goning to be horrible!@ wailed nightshade, but then ther went on after Celest anyway to the meeting that capnt sparklshine had orderted

The End

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