So, lyke, once upon a time there wasd this land full of ponies and all the ponies loved ache other because... um...... well eveyone kust loved each other because that's the kinda place it is kay? happy and freindly and stuff. anywayz the ponies had a pricness called flowerpuff and flowerpuff loved the stars and looking at the starts and thought they were very pretty. and she liked the moon too. so one day she decided she wanted a star for herlsf to put in her crown and stuff and make it ultra pretty, like the prettiest crow any princess could have, so she gathered all her pony subjects together and told them over ice cream and candied saukra blossoms that she wanted them to make her a space ship. so the very cleverest ponies in all the land got together and they bulided a spaceship and it was pink and had magic sparkles and was amazing and cool and pretty and stuffs. the princess was very impressed and she called ity the 'the O.M.G. Pwny XD' and all the ponies in the land, even the boy ponies, had a special celibration sleep over with cake and more ice creams and,,.. different type of cake and then in the morning the pricness blessed the ship and sent an elite team into the space to get her a star.

and this is there storey LOL! 

The End

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