Ten years hence

  ‘Lanie! MYRA! Kylie!’ Katie shouted at the top of her voice, ‘we’re gonna miss the flight if you don’t come down RIGHT NOW!’

   Lanie, now fourteen, eleven year old Myra and seven year old Kylie bounded down the stairs in a flurry.

‘Come on girls’ George called out, ‘we simply cannot afford to miss this flight, or—.’

 ‘Yeah, yeah, or else we would be stuck in the airport yet again. For the third time this year. I know, I know’ Lanie shrugged, ‘Come on dad, we’re not trying to set up some world record.’

‘I don’t want to go to Switzerland’, Kylie whined, ‘I heard its cold, Daddy.’

‘Yeah, well’ George wiped some sweat off the side of his face, ‘Cold can also be nice.’

‘NO’ Kylie frowned, ‘I HATE COLD!’

‘I need a book!’Myra interjected.


She finally managed to get them out of the house, clucking like a mother hen over their heads.

‘God, they tire me out like anything’ she was breathing hard.

‘Yeah well, but no one can guess you are the mother of only one’ George smiled.

‘GEORGE RICHARD CALLAHAN! You whisper one word to my girls about this, and you die.’ Katie shouted.

‘Yes ma’am’ George followed her meekly.

God, it was just like old times…

The End

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