Old Exercise

Just an old writing exercise I was playing with.

“I’m sorry.”

He pauses for a moment, turning his head to look away, hands on his hip.  With a sigh, he lowers his head, running one hand through his hair before returning his attention to the girl in front of him.

“Sorry?  Don’t be sorry.  Don’t apologize for your happiness.  You deserve good things in your life.”  He turns his head in the opposite direction, his eyes roaming restlessly, touching on everything, anything other than the face in front of him.

“But I am…” Reaching out she touches his shoulder. “Maybe if things had been different…”  She trails off uncertainly, letting her hand fall back to her side before crossing her arms in front of her.  “After everything else you’ve been through.”

His response is a nervous chuckle.  “Just bad timing huh?”  His gaze settles on the way the bangs of her dark brown hair drapes across her forehead.  “Not that I can fault your choice, really.  He’s a good guy, I know him well…   He’s also been through some rough things.”

She sighs, cocking her head to one side.  “What about you, will you be all right?”

“Yeah,” his reply is immediate, a wry smile slowly curling the corner of his lips as heactually takes a moment to consider the implications of what he was saying.  “Yeah, I think I will be.  My life tends to work itself out in the end, and I’ve been pretty blessed, with a good life.  All things considered.”  His gaze drops to her hands as his own spread wide to either side. 

“Blessed,” he takes her hand and plays with her fingers absently, “to have loved, been loved, lost, and to know that feeling, that giddiness in my chest all over again.”

Gently raising her hand, he kisses her fingertips before releasing his grip.  “No, don’t be sorry.  I’m not.”  His eyes finally lock onto hers and linger there.

With a tremendous sigh, he closes his eyes and breaks away, opening physical distance between them. “I guess I’ll be seeing you around.”  With a small twist of his wrist he waves goodbye and was gone.

The End

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