Oh, Sherry

A strange spew of things.

Deep in the heart of Notfromaroundherefolk Townsville, there was a young boy, who had terrible eyesight at birth so they gave him glasses and called him Man of four eyes, but since he smelled so bad because his parents would rather chant around a campfire than change his diapers, they disposed of him in a cave never to be seen again. So then one day many moons later, a villager comes across this cave and sees this man and gets scared. HE IS NOT -click- OF OUR -clickclick- KIND, AH-OOOOH-GAH! And he warns the villagers that the BEAST OF 4 MILLION EYES OF GLASS is hiding and plotting to wreak havoc on the town, now named Native American Villageville.  So they run towards the forest and hunt for the cave, Man of Four Eyes hears them and gets frightened, he is only 5 years old now and wishes not to be bothered by such horrendous acts of violence. instead he prefers sunbathing, long walks around the mushroom farms, and watching Monty Pythons Holy Grail. He whimpers and crawls about on the floor. The villagers see this and believe he is having some sort of seizure so they quietly leave him alone. He feels like he has accomplished something great so he starts singing *Dont Stop Believin’* and it gives him a great deal of hope. The villagers hear this sweet music and think, ohaye, he sounds exactly like Steve Perry, he must be a gift from the God Hookafishinworm. They run back to the cave and plead with him to be their new Leader. Around in N.A.V they dont have many customs, but listening to soft rock is definitely one of the finer luxuries of life. They hoist him up onto their shoulders and rename him Sherry. The End

The End

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