Of Going Forth By Day

You've awakened in a mysterious chamber with no history, no identity, and no knowledge of the world. Who or what is TANAMIT?
This is a collaborative text adventure. If you've ever played a text adventure game, such as Zork, you know how this works-except we're all players and we're all the narrator.

You open your eyes.

You sense the last remnants of some strange, vague and disquieting dreams tumbling out of your sleeping mind as you awaken, your eyes unfocused, to see a flickering light in front of you, as if there's a fire in a brazier somewhere above you but out of your line of sight. You can see brightly painted wooden rafters above your head, lit by the dim firelight. The birds, animal heads, winged human figures, and eyes painted on the rafters seem familiar and comforting.

As you lie on your back, getting your bearings, putting the last fragments of dream (running, a blue wooden box, a great light, a horrible unseen creature pursuing) out of your mind, a mist appears before your eyes. As your vision refocuses, you realize there is a glass ceiling very close to your face, and your breath is beginning to fog it. You turn your head, with a little difficulty, to find yourself in a close container lined with jewel-blue satin, with a glass cover above you that is contoured, although not closely, to your body. You have just enough room to move your hands, but not much leverage. Fortunately, at your experimental touch, the glass cover opens with a click and a hiss, and swings up and to your right.

You can now see the room around you more easily. It is a large room, considerably longer than it is wide, with a fairly low, arched ceiling. The designs on the rafters are echoed in beautiful murals that line the walls, depicting life-size, winged male and female figures with closely-curling hair, bulls, lions, and oddly-stylized birds. Further investigation reveals that your comfortably-padded and glass-covered box is resting on low table or dais of stone or fine concrete. Iron lamps hang from the ceiling at regular intervals, and there is a fireplace in the wall to your left, and it is from these that this dim flicker of firelight is coming.

At the far end of the hallway is a metal-fitted wooden door that seems to be barred from your side. There is a small metal box on the wall next to the door.

Inside the box with you are some fresh pieces of citrus fruit, a comb, a small glass mirror with a bone handle, and a silvery metal ovoid object that can balance on either end.

You are wearing:
A white linen tunic
A white linen skirt or kilt
A brown leather belt with a pouch
Two brown leather sandals

ACTION : look in mirror

A youth looks back. They are dressed in simple, homemade clothing, and their eyes full of anticipation. As you watch, the room in the reflection begins to blur. Colors swirl in a pulsing tunnel behind your reflection. When you look behind you, the room is still as you left it, but the colors in the mirror remain.

ACTION : examine fruit

There are two oranges and a lime. They seem fresh picked, and are slightly wet.

ACTION : examine ovoid

The ovoid is cold, very heavy, and balances easily on either end, but not in the middle. Placed on its side, it rocks a little, and then stands on end. It does not warm in your hand.

ACTION : take fruit, ovoid, mirror

You put the fruit and the mirror in your belt pouch. As you attempt to put the ovoid in the pouch, it leaps from your hand and onto the floor.

ACTION : examine comb

The comb seems to be made of wood, with a dense and twisting grain. There are a few long strands of coarse black hair caught in the teeth. There are decorative carvings on the handle of the comb, a motif of wings and feathers. The comb hums.

ACTION : examine door

The door is made of thick, roughly-hewn planks. A heavy metal bar lies across it at about waist height.

ACTION : comb hair

You run the comb through your hair. You feel greatly energized and refreshed and prepared to greet the day. Or night. Whatever time it is, it must be time to do something exciting!

ACTION : Examine box next to door

Next to the door, on the wall, is a metal box a bit bigger than your outspread hand. The cool metal warms quickly to your touch, and as your fingers explore it, you find a catch that lifts the cover. Inside the box there is a row of lights below an oval-shaped cavity.

ACTION : Retrieve ovoid

Retrieved. It does not attempt to escape this time.

ACTION : Put ovoid into cavity

You do so. The lights flash rapidly in sequence several times, then go dark. A hissing sound comes from the door, then the bar slides back. The door opens.

Beyond, you see a stair of rough stone steps, curving gently to your left as they ascend. The walls of the passage are decorated with murals in a similar style, but with different content. There are several non-winged humanoid figures with distinctive faces, hands outstretched, bearing flowers and citrus fruit and other small tokens to a winged figure lying outstretched on a bier, arms folded over their chest. They are asleep, or dead. Their face too is distinctive, and familiar—it is much like the face you saw in the mirror.

The murals curve up onto the ceiling, where the sun, moon, stars, and several planets are artfully arranged. You crane your neck to get a better look, and notice that there is a recess in the wall outside the door. Resting in it is a silvery ovoid object. Above the door is a plaque with glyphs on it that you don't so much read as recognize; they make the word "TANAMIT."

There are stairs curving up and to the south. There is an open door to the west. There is daylight coming from above.

You are wearing:
A white linen tunic
A white linen skirt or kilt
A brown leather belt with a pouch
Two brown leather sandals

You have:
A comb (equipped)
Three pieces of fruit
A mirror

ACTION : Take ovoid.


ACTION : Go out.

The End

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