Oedipus Journal

This is an English assignment. We had to rewrite the ending to Oedipus.

Oedipus Journal

Melissa Tobias


Oedipus screamed in horror when he saw his wife, well, mother, hanging from a ceiling fan. He ran towards her, to see if there was still a breath of life left in her. He struggled to get the noose off of her bruised neck. His efforts were futile, and Jocasta’s body just dangled in the breeze from the open window. The sky grew dark, and so did Oedipus’s hope. 

He threw himself into the wall with all of his strength, and let out another piercing scream. Oedipus started pounding on the wall, leaving dents in it, and bruises on his knuckles. His anger, and hatred towards himself was relentless. He craved to destroy himself, each and every bit of his body. Before he continued, he decided to kiss Jocasta one last time. He stood as high as he could, to reach her head that was still attached to the rope, and leaned in, and kissed her.

“What am I supposed to do now? I’ve murdered my father, and my wife has hung herself! What is there to live for?” He collapsed onto the floor, as a pool of blood started to form. He couldn’t be bothered to try and stop the bleeding coming from his nose, as he did not care about his being anymore.

He laid there sobbing and pounding on the floor for hours. Everyone else was excused from the room and Oedipus was declared “insane and a danger to society.” Eventually, he decided what had to be done.

Oedipus limped out the door, and began on his journey to the cliff that was supposed to kill him as an infant. Drops of blood left a distinct trail behind him. When he was just about one hundred feet away from the cliff, he felt a numbness trail through his spine. He began to shake uncontrollably, and fell onto the hard, relentless ground. A pool of blood formed around him, soaking into the dirt. Another piercing scream left his body, as his heartbeat fell unsteady, and stopped. Oedipus was dead.

The prophet went to Apollo, and had found out about Oedipus’s death. He was also told that the plague on Thebes had been uplifted, and that the city would soon be restored to its original state.

Some still consider Oedipus a hero, for he killed himself instead of letting the entire city suffer. Others consider him a burden, because he caused all of this trouble in the first place. However, everyone had at least a little bit of respect for his courage, and selflessness that helped save the city. Though they may hate him for the tragedy he caused, they still admire him for his actions to try and fix everything he created.

The End

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