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Like I said before... I had never met Erin's dad so when she began fidgeting and checking her watch as we got closer to her house I frowned. "What's the matter?" I ask her slowly.

"My dad is angry at me for being late" she muttered to me biting her lip. 

"Well, you went to see a friend in hospital. I'm sure he'll be fine" I said thinking she would relax. Instead she changed. She hunched her shoulder and stared at her hands in her lap. I heard her mutter something beneath her breath which sounded like 'you don't know'. Which made me worry.

Was someone hurting my Erin. No... her father couldn't be doing that. Surely the mother wouldn't let her. Reaching Erin's house I got out with her and she flushed at me. "You don't have to walk me to the door"

"I was hoping to meet your parents" I said grinning friendly and hopefully not too enthusiastically. I slip an arm round her waist as she hesitated and tugged her up to the door. Erin sighed and opened the door stepping in.

"I-I'm home" she called lightly. Her father appeared almost instantly with a stormy look on his face. He was about to snap at Erin when I stepped forward protectively. He shot me a narrowed glare.

"Who is this, Erin?" I heard a women's voice then saw Erin's mother inch out into the hallway. A beautiful women and so fair. She gave birth to Erin and almost sparkled as much. Erin blushed and bit her lip looking at me briefly before turning to her parents.

"This is Arien. He's my... um...."

I felt irritated by the hesitation so quickly stepped in. "I'm her boyfriend" I said with an embarrassed grin. Erin looked at me wide eyed while her mother broke out in a happy smile.

"Why thats-"

"Completely unacceptable!" Erin's father roared his face flaring red in anger. "I thought I told you to not go around and date strange men"

"Oh hush, Robert" Erin's mother said giving him an unhappy look. "We should be happy for Erin and be glad that this young man got her home. I was really worried about her walking in the dark. You should have gone and fetched her"

"I wasn't wasting my time and money on a her when she knew she should have been home hours ago" This Robert snapped then stormed off. Erin's mother sighed and then smiled at me.

"Well, I think its nice to meet you, Arien" she said. "My names Julie"

I shook her hand and then shoved my hands in my pocket. "I didn't mean to intrude, mam"

Erin flushed as her mother nudged her whispering something like, "I think he's a keeper there, Erin"

"Um, well... can me and Arien go up to my room?" Erin coughed flustered.

"Ah, is he staying for dinner?" Julie questioned.

"If you wouldn't mind" I said softly glancing across at Erin. 

Julie waved her hand laughing. "Oh no, not at all. In fact dinners ready we could all eat now"

"Cool" I grinned and was led over to the dinning room. It was a frosty meal but soon enough I was walking upstairs to Erin's room. My heart picked up a beat and suddenly I was nervous.

"Here we are" Erin muttered opening the door and stepping in. Yes, there we were. I couldn't stop myself in that moment I kicked closed the door and pulled Erin to me. Our lips met in a heat kissed and Erin went up on her tip toes reaching for more.

Tingles ran across my skin. I felt all hot and sweaty suddenly as my heart began to pound heavily. The kisses were quick ones but we only parted for a second before kissing again. I didn't really notice where my hands were but one had slipped under her shirt touching her skin. That was when things went to pieces. 

"Stop" Erin gasped yanking away and tugging down her shirt. She watched me almost terrified which made me angry. Didn't she understand I'd never hurt her? She was my Erin and I'd protected her forever. I think she saw it because a look of concern flashed over her face.

I took a slow breath quickly and pushed a hand back over my face. "I'm sorry. That was too far"

"You seemed angry"

"You looked terrified" I said giving her sad puppy eyes and she relaxed. "I thought you... were scared of me"

"Oh no, Arien, its just... I'm not ready to get.... I'm not ready to go there with you yet" she whispered. I nodded cause I understood even if I honestly didn't like it. 

The End

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