Beat UpMature

Tom was fast asleep when I arrived at the hospital. I just made the last ten minutes of visiting time. A pale green curtain with beige spots was pulled neatly around his bed, and it gently swayed along the floor as the light breeze from the closing door reached it.

I swallowed loudly, carefully tugging on the fabric; pulling it back. 

I felt my eyes pop out of my head and panic surged through my body. I had only ever seen people this beat up on Casualty. I never thought I'd see a real like beat victim. 

One of Tom's legs was hanging on a sling, white pot encasing what seemed to be a crushed femur. Which is simply impossible; what could break such a strong bone? Despite the fear whizzing around in my head, relief washed over me. There was no way Arien could have inflicted such horrific injuries on someone because in contrast to his slightly scary, goth-boy demur he was genuinely sweet and kind! 

'Oh, Tom.' I murmured quietly, patting the corner of his bed, smoothing out the sheets. I probably wouldn't even lay eyes on him again, I smiled; wondering if he hadn't ditched me things might have been a little different. 

I reached out to touch his fingers, but then his finer twitched and then moved to his stomach.  I looked around, panicking stupidly I made a mad dash to the door not slowing down until I'd reached the bus stop. 

I glanced down at my watch, and my heart sagged. 

'Shit!' I cursed unlike myself. Missing the bus was something I had never done in my life. And it's not a good feeling knowing your house is over ten miles away. I ran a shaky hand through my hair; stopping halfway because it was too long to brush my fingers all the way through. I hadn't noticed it'd gotten this long. It was nice, I should do more with it..

But there were more pressing matters at hand! 

I yelped and jumped out of my shoes as the annoying little jingle blasted out of the ancient speakers of the prehistoric flip up. I answered the call, a little shaken.


'Erin? Erin! Where are you! Your mother is worried sick! You come home this instant! We are having a seriou-'

'Sorry, Erin can't come to the phone right now. She's very busy, please state your name and your business and she'll get back to you as soon as she can!' 

Snap. The phone was pushed back together by the stranger with the familiar voice. I turned around quickly, ready with my knee-to-groin pose only to slump back with relief as Arien's face came out of the shadows. 

He handed me back my phone and I eyed him, slipping it back into my school blazer pocket.

'It's dark, Erin. You shouldn't wander around like this.' He informed me. I looked at my shoes.

'I missed the bus.'

He smiled, 'I'll take you home.' 

'I live ages away..' I muttered dully. Arien wrapped an arm around my shoulders comfortingly, kissing my cheek.

'And how do you think I got here? I'm seventeen, Erin. I have a car.' He chuckled, rubbing my shoulder, steering me back toward the hospital carpark.

'Why are you here in the first place?' I asked, nestling into his arm.

'I realised that you'd taken the last bus and came to get you.'


Thanks, Arien. Really. If he hadn't gone and taken the phone off of me when he did, I would have been crying and running home following my dad's orders like always. I don't know why I do though, he can hardly be  called a dad. He's never home, and he constantly makes mum upset.

'Don't mention it.' He kissed me again and we made our way towards this car of his.

The End

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