Needed MeMature

Why did she have to go see him? My mind growled as I dragged my feet along the pavement behind her. She was one step ahead as I walked her to the bus stop. I really wasn't happy about this and I was too unhappy to even bother being the guy I was meant to be for Erin. I was meant to be her white knight and sweep her off her feet but right now I was as grumpy as hell.

Not only cause she wanted to see this Tom but also cause she pushed me away cause she wanted to go see him. I was annoyed.

"That's for walking me here" she said kissing my cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?"

"I'll call you tonight" I mutter capturing her lips quickly with mine before she skipped onto the bus. She waved to me from her seat and I waved back forcing a smile. Once she was gone I let the anger fall onto my face. I stormed off to the woods and took the life of some rabbit in my fury.

Why did she cared about him?! She was mine! Only mine. I leant against a tree gasping for breath angrily as I felt Cala's presence. 

"You're not right for her world" she whispered. I span round and grabbed her wrist angrily.

"She's my Erin!" I snapped at her. "Why does she care about him?"

"Because he's human. He knows her and she knows him. Like I know you and you know I" she whispered leaning in closer but I yanked myself away.

"No" I snapped. "She will be mine"

Cala stepped back. "Why do you keep doing this? Hurting yourself. Hurting me"

"Because you mean nothing" I spit. "I've told you this"

Her eyes filled with tears but I slapped her hands away. She yelped tugging them to her chest as she stared at me pleadingly. Like I had mentioned before... Cala was beautiful but that didn't matter.

"Nothing but Erin matters" I said simply. "Not your life or anyone's. Only she matters. I will kill to be with her"

Cala stepped back then fear covering her face as she bolted off back into the forest. She wouldn't say a word though. She was addicted to me almost as much as I was addicted to Erin.

My love for Erin was more though... why couldn't Erin see that she only needed me?

The End

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