It was such a shock to me, I just dropped the phone from which Sarah was calling me with. I put a shaky hand to my mouth, jaw slack.  

In felt sick as Tom's words rang in my ear like a far off echo, " He came after me on my way home, pushing me up against the wall and stuff; claiming you were "his Erin".

I ran couple of trembling fingers through my hair and licked my dried lips. With a couple of deep breaths I hung up the phone without notifying the frantic Sarah. 

'Mum, I'm going to get some chocolate from the shop, want anything?' I lied, slipping on my boots over my school tights. I lazily hadn't gotten changed earlier, now I was going to look very strange running around the streets this late at night.

'No...' Mum said absently. I shook my head, she had been out of it these last few days because Dad was coming home late every evening. I didn't really care. He was never here anyway.

But there were more pressing matters at hand. 

I dashed out of the door and down the garden path, my boots slamming on the pavement making consecutive banging sounds which mingled in with one another, creating a havoc of noise around the neighbourhood. 


'Tom...' I whispered, spinning around faster than the speed of light. 

'Nope, just me.' Arien said with a bitter edge to his voice, I felt my eyes widen.

'I need to go see Tom!' I cried feebly, 'he got beaten up! I have to go see him.' I wailed, Arien rushed to my side, pulling my into him. I clutched his T-shirt, staining it with tears.

He shook his head, 'no, you shouldn't. You can't.'  

'Why?' I questioned angrily, standing apart from him so I could see his face. He flinched at the tone of my voice - it was the first time he'd seen me like this. I was just a big mess of panic, confusion and anger at the moment and poor Arien.. it wasn't his fault. 

'Because, I saw him get carried away in the ambulance out of the woods!' He said quickly, 'I don't want you to be upset.' He murmured softly, holding me again. I melted into him, sagging down and all that was holding me up that Arien's strong arms.

'Really?' I asked. He couldn't be lying, no one can give such an earnest expression and be lying. Furthermore, how could he know about Tom lying in the woods unless he'd seen it?

He could have done it. A snide voice in my head whispered, I pushed those unthinkable thoughts away and held Arien tighter. 

And, soon enough, confused emotions brought our lips together in a frantic kiss. It spread through my like wildfire, passion erupted within me and soon, Arien had be pushed up against the street was, every inch of his body pressed up against my own. 

Do not misunderstand, the kiss was amazing just like every other special moment we had shared. But it was wrong. We weren't supposed to be kissing like this at a time like this. I pushed Arien away after another few seconds and licked my lips, his bittersweet honey taste lingering on my tongue.

'I want to go see Tom.' I said decisively. 

The End

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