Get Lost BoyMature

That one kiss had turned into several and I hadn't been able to keep my hands off Erin. Even when I hand to pay for the food in the cafe I still kept grip of her hand. I loved how she turned to jelly beneath my finger tips. Melted like butter or chocolate as they say. Oh, Erin was chocolate. She was addictive and tasted as sweet as spring air.

I had messed up with the lullaby. Why the hell was I thinking of my sister during my time with Erin? My sister was dead. She'd paid the price I wouldn't for loving a human. She was the one who told me to go at it with all my heart. That the rules must be changed. We needed to integrate and we'd be better for it. 

Erin was my world and my sister had led me to it. 

"Oi, you!" a voice suddenly yelled stopping me in my tracks and cutting off my train of thought. I turned to see the guy that Erin had been with. I clenched my fist. He dare come round. Just after Erin had gone off. Had he been watching us?!

"What?" I said slowly feeling my voice turn as cold as ice. He stormed up and glared at me in a petty human way. 

"You're a creep" he spat. I wiped the spit off my face and narrowed my own eyes but the human didn't stop. "You think you can just come scare me off and make a move on her? I'm calling the police"

"I wouldn't do that" I said slowly. 

The guy laughed and turned to walk off but I grabbed his wrist twisting it. I heard a satisfying snap and the guy howled. Quickly my eyes looked around and I dragged him into the forest. "How are you going to tell anyone if you can't speak?" I smirked.

"You're fucking crazy" he yelled at my just as I grabbed his hair. I yanked his head down bringing my knee up into his jaw. He howled again in pain but couldn't speak now. I grinned feeling my blood fill with adrenaline. I hadn't played in a while and this was protecting my Erin. Protecting us. Making sure we could be together.

I leant down to look in his eye as he clutched his broken jaw with the arm I hadn't broken his wrist on. The one with the broken wrist was pulled up to his chest protectively. "You'll regret the day you were born" I said coldly before bringing my foot down on his.

I spent hours cracking bones as by the time I left him on the side walk I was sure if he didn't end up in a coma.... he wouldn't speak again.

The End

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