The Little School GirlMature

I stood by the gate waiting. I checked my watch for the fifth time seeing it click to 3:50. Biting my lip I looked towards the school door across the hardened ground where students gathered. 

The outfit of this school was simple enough. A polo shirt and long sleeve jumper with the school insignia over the left breast. Most of the girls went with the skirt that was two inches above the knee and accompanied by black tights. The girls... several were looking at me and whispering to their friends. I didn't care what they thought. All I cared about was seeing Erin in her little school uniform.

Erin appeared and saw me. A grin spread across her face as she scurried over. "We were meant to meet at the cafe" she teased but seemed happy all the less.

"I wanted to see your school" I winked.

She bit her lip. "Yeah, how did you guess?" she asked leaning back on her heels.

"Only school with a uniform that doesn't end at 3" I shrugged and held out my hand. Blushing she slipped her hand into mine. I tugged her down along the pavement feeling smug that no one else had her. I had her all to myself. I guess that was why I tucked her under my arm so she was pressed up to my side.

"Moving quickly aren't we, Arien" she teased again but I was more absorbed by the sound of my name on her lips. She said everything right. Every word was perfect off her lips. She was perfect in everyway and mine. My Erin.

"My friend Tom called me the other day" she said biting her lip. I tensed wondering who was this Tom. Whether he was competition. "He said he'd saw you and that you'd been saying all these crazy things"

I smiled cheekily and stopped. "Could you really see me being crazy?"

Erin giggled and tapped her lip pretending to think. "Oh I don't know. I think being a little crazy is quite attractive" she said biting her lip as she looked up at me again. I rested my hands on her waist pulling her to me and making her gasp in shock.

"How attractive?" I asked my lips mere inches from hers.

"I-I.." she stuttered as she flushed. I grinned then couldn't stop myself. I kissed her. Letting my lips mold over hers as a wild fire burned though my body.

The End

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