Strange OccurrencesMature

When I got home, I had three missed calls from someone. From Tom.

My heart thundered in my chest and I dashed upstairs without a single word to my mother, who was busy rushing around creating our Sunday Roast. I flipped open the brick and pressed the buttons frantically. 

'Hello?' A silky voice replied boredly. 

'Um, Tom?'


'Yeah... you called?'

'Oh, yeah! I just saw you out with this guy today, and I thought I should mention something...' His voice trailed off and he went silent. 


'Oh, sorry. Well, after I went out with you. Once. He came after me on my way home, pushing me up against the wall and stuff; claiming you were "his Erin".' He said quickly. I froze.

'Must have been a mistake. Arien isn't like that, Tom. And if you hadn't noticed, it was you who ditched my right after our first date. You cast me aside without a second thought, you're making this up.' I babbled angrily into the phone, fumbling with the red button as I hung up on him. 

I tossed my phone aside in a childish fit of fury, before rushing over to pick it back up; checking if I had broken the ancient piece of technology. Sighing, my angry evaporating as soon as I sat, cross legged on the floor.

'Erin! Food!' Mum yelled, her voice echoing throughout our house. I got up and made my way across the landing, down the stairs and through the hallways which led to our elaborately decorated farm-house kitchen. After we had gone to Monet's house in France she had insisted I aid her in painting everything a sunshine yellow - just like the kitchen in the painters house. 

'Where's Dad?' I asked, picking up a steamed carrot and munching on it thoughtfully, 'he told me he'd eat with us today.' 

'He's at work still.' Mum said too quickly. I eyed her up suspiciously, before shrugging and turning back to the Yorkshire puddings hungrily; stuffing one into my mouth.

'I met up with a boy today.' I informed her, humming happily as I piled up the roast potatoes and green beans.

'That Tom, again?'


'You little player!' She sang, 'look at you little-miss-popular!'

I laughed with her, shaking my head, smiling widely. A content blush spread over my cheeks and I put my plate down onto the huge oak table. 

'His name is Arien.' 

'Arien?' She snickered, 'what a strange name.' 

'Sometimes I wonder if you're my mother or my younger sister...' I sighed, shaking head again, cracking my knuckles. 

'Mother. I'm pretty damn sure.'


After dinner, I returned to my room to find another missed call. Although it wasn't from Tom. It was from Arien. I grinned, my pulse quickening as I practically broke the call button from my enthusiasm. 

'Hey you,' came his husky reply. 

'Hi. You called?' I said, trying to sound confident. Though, I'm pretty sure my voice was quivering way more than I would have liked it ti.

'I did.'


'Do I need a reason to hear your voice?' He murmured in a sultry voice. I shivered and turned into a tomato. 

'Um, n-no.' I stammered. Inside, I think my non-existent alter0 ego was screeching with joy, hammering her fists into the air with the feeling of greatness. 

'I had a great time today, by the way.' He told me. 

'Really?' I said, not convinced, 'you'd be the first.' 

'Maybe.' I could hear the smile in his voice.

'Um, I'm free tomorrow after school if you wanted to pop out to the cafe?' I said, summoning up all of my bravery. 

'What time does your school day end?' 

'Three fourty five.' 

'Okay, then.' He chuckled, 'I'll see you then.'

'Wait!' I cried, instantly regretting my outburst.

'What is it?'

'Um, should I bring a change of clothes?'

'No, I want to see how cute you are in your uniform.' Then he hung up. 

I felt my eyes pop out and the blush grow even hottor as I clutched the phone to my chest. 

The End

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