Kissing HerMature

I liked entertaining Erin because she loved to live. My Erin was beautiful and her life was woven into nature. Maybe that's why I loved her so. Elves were born for the nature and Erin's personality was as beautiful as it. 

She was like a blooming rose in spring or a late blossom flower that turned out to be the pinkest of pink. When we got to the pedal boats Erin laughed a lot. She couldn't pedal along to save her life so she steered while I did all the work. I over exaggerated the effort huffing and puffing watching her laugh freely.

I had been slipping up but being around her like this. Having her finally near me made me nervous. Of course I was going to forget that she couldn't know yet. That she didn't know I was going to be the love of her life and we were going to run off to live together.

When 6 o'clock came around and Erin had to catch her bus home I was a little mopey. I didn't go in for a kiss settling for a hug and breathing in her sweet fruity scent. "Goodbye, Erin" I whispered as the bus disapeared in the distance.

I shoved my hands in my pockets and began walking down along the street towards the wood with hunched shoulder. I wanted to feel Erin's lips on mine but I hadn't dared. I couldn't ruin this. "You're making a big mess, Arien" a voice called as I entered the forest. I span round to face my childhood friend Cala. Like all elves she had a natural beauty. 

Not like Erin's cause she was special and no one could touch her. "I don't know what you're talking about"

"Just leave the human alone" she yelled angry. "You know it wont work"

I clench my fist gritting my teeth. I knew why Cala was doing this. Her crush on me had been obvious for the last couple of years. I rarely went home into the forest but when I did she was always there to welcome me home hoping I would stay longer than the last time.

"You don't know that" I yelled back.

"It's forbidden for you to tell her what you are so what are you gonna say in a few years time when she ages fast beyond you wondering why you age slower?" she says harshly.

I wince. This is why we would have to run. If I were to tell her the truth we'd need to be alone. Away from judgement. "Just give up, Cala" I says stepping towards her. "I don't like you"

She grabs me them her horrible lips touching mine. I shove her off me hard and she falls back into a trees. She yells out in pain. I just glare at her rubbing the feel of her lips off mine. 

"I love you" she cries at me clutching her bleeding head which is already healing.

"I don't care" I growl before racing off through the forest away from her. I won't be with her. I won't be with anyone but Erin.

My Erin.

My beautiful, gorgeous, adorable Erin. 

The End

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