A Thousand TimesMature

Best first date. Ever. I thought cheerfully as he led me towards the selection of colourful bean bags which were placed in a  strategic way around a low, wooden table. 

'Surprise me,' I said in reply to his earlier question as we took out seats(or beanbags, whatever). I chose the pale blue one, my favourite shade of any colour. 

'When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken at the elbow. When it heal-' 

I giggled, stifling my outburst with a hand over my mouth. He have me a slightly hurt, quizzical glance. I looked up at him with wide, innocent eyes. Hoping they looked large and innocent instead of large and guilty. 

'Well, this is the second time today you've pick out one of my favourite things,' I explained slowly, 'iced latte.' He nodded, 'and now, To Kill a Mockingbird! Only one of my favourite books... ever.' 

'I didn't intend to.' He said quickly, probably due to his nervousness, 'but, do you know, To Kill a Mockingbird is also my favourite novel.' 

'Really?' I said in a hushed voice.

'Really.' He smiled gently, 'I saw a very important person to me reading it and though I'd give it a go. Now I never put it down.' 

'Really?' I repeated, leaning towards him, licking my lips greedily. A slow blush crept up his cheeks and his hand snaked towards my own, entwining his fingers with mine. 

Arien's breath caught and the corners of full lips tilted upwards as he put the book down on the table. For a second there, I thought my first kiss was going to finally arrive; but he just sat back, his long legs stretched out under the small table. His foot knocked mine and we stared at each other in an awkward silence before bursting in a fit of laughter, earning a few pissy stares from passers by. 

'Alright, you,' the dark haired boy chuckled, 'do you want me to read or not?'

'I could read it with my eyes closed, I've read it a thousand times!' I boasted, before pausing, 'wait... that came out wrong! No!' I blushed as Arien laughed again, I slapped his arms playfully as he held the book above my head, and I tried to reach for it. 

In the end, I let him keep it, sat back and just blissed out to Arien's deep, husky voice reading out the classic novel to me. I nearly fell asleep at one point, but he just kept on reading and reading. Sometimes, we'd catch each other's eye and give out a small smile. 

'Oh, God! It's five o' clock already!' I exclaimed as I glanced up at the grandfathers clock which resided in the corner. 

'What time do you have to be home by?' Arien asked, looking a little dismayed. 

'Seven.' I admitted guiltily, thinking he might have assumed I was attempting to escape him. Which was something that was highly unlikely to ever happen. 

'Are you bored?' He enquired, his eyebrow quirking up. 

'No! No!' I cried, flapping my hands about helplessly, 'it's just, it's a really nice day!'

'It is.' He observed, glancing out of the window. Smiling that cheeky smile which made my insides melt into a pool of girly slush. I blushed crimson and looked away, unable to meet his piercing gaze any longer.

'Well, if you like, in the lake... uh, near the town centre, there is, um, pedal boats...' I stammered uselessly, trailing off as Arien stared at me, nodding his head.


'Yes?' I jumped.

'Would you like to go on the pedal boats?' He said loudly.

'Yes!' I replied loudly.

'OK!' He said loudly.

I grinned, he grinned. And he placed the book back on it's shelf and frog marched me out of the shop - though in a romantic way. 

The End

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