The PlaceMature

Arien Voven

I was very excited. Very excited to show Erin the little place I had been dying to lead her to. I had tried once or twice to get her to the little cafe but something had always distracted her.

A phone call. A friend across the street. The time. 

I'd eventually decided it was fate telling me that I needed to show her it. My Erin had to go with me. We had to make it our place.

Erin gasped as she stepped in. I, of course, trailed in after her having hold the door open for her. She look around with wide eyed. "This is... a cafe isn't it?" she asks turning to me confused. Relying on me. It created a warm fuzzy feeling that grew within me and tingled across my skin.

"Yes but also a bookstore. You can come here and read any book you want. You can book it out once you need to go as well" I gesture to a couple where one reads to the other. "I've seen couples and family all come here just to read together over a snack or a coffee or an actual decent meal"

"It's... It's amazing" she whispers putting a hand over her heart as she took in a sharp awed breath of air. Her face was slightly more flushed in excitement and she turned to me. She looked up at me. Her eyes peering up at me a little puppy dog like. 

Everything about her seemed perfect. She was my Erin and I wanted to reach out and hold her in my arms. I wanted to tell her how cute she was.

"Want to go read?" she asked me. 

"I could read to you?" I asked with a smile. I had to hold back the full extent of my excitement. Especially as she nodded with a little blush. I couldn't stop myself from slipping my hand into hears and leaning her to a set of beanbags round a table. "What do you want me to read?"

The End

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