Parting WaysMature

I sat, shifting awkwardly in my seat. I didn't know what to say after he'd said that. So I just fiddled with my hair and looked around, absorbing my surroundings. 

Arien had taken to staring right at me, examining every inch of my face and, embarrassingly, my body. I leaned forward, resting my chin in my palms - eyeing him back.

'So, how old are you?' I asked curiously. 

'Seventeen,' he said with a great amount of confidence. So much so it seemed like he was lying. 

'You seem older, you act really mature.' I laughed, 'are you really seventeen?'

'No, I'm thirty four.' He smirked, a blatant lie. But at that moment, his eyes gave of a eerie feeling, and his lip's twitched with something like irritation. I cocked my head for the third time that day, trying to work out his expression. But the ominous glint vanished as quickly as it flashed across his face.

I giggled, looking up as the waitress sauntered over to our table, a flirtatious twinkle in her pale blue eyes.

'Anything I can get you?' She asked sweetly, an innuendo resting heavily on her smiling lips. 

I was surprised to see Arien only glance at her to say without a trace of interest, 'coffee for me.' 

'Iced latte, please.' I said brightly, she flashed me a fake, toothy grin. I shrinked back slightly, the feeling over inferiority washing over me. Arien looked at me, concerned. 

'Erin? Are okay?' He reached over to place his hand over my own and an involuntary blush rose right up from my toes to my cheeks and ears. He chuckled quietly, squeezing my fingers. 

'So,' I coughed, trying to draw his attention away from my flaming face, 'do you want to come somewhere after this?' 

'Sure,' he smiled, 'anywhere in particular you wanted to go?'

'I don't really know... are there any decent films playing at the local flicks?' I asked, hoping he had a good answer. 

He hummed, looking around whilst he thought, 'I think they're showing some romance films because it's spring?'

I didn't take too much of a shine to that idea. I'd watched far to many romance films lately over ice cream and a broken heart. 

'No, I don't really want to watch a chick flick.' I said timidly, not wanting to appear rude. He smiled gently, nodding his head. 

'I think I know a place we could go.' He grinned.

The End

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