First DateMature


Our first date. My skin had tingled as I waited and it still did as I sat across from my beautiful Erin. I had almost made a slip up. Almost ruined the beautiful date we had begun by speaking of things I knew of her. She couldn't know we had been one longer than we had spoke face to face.

Mortals didn't understand that. Not even my beautiful intellectual girl. So I had asked her what she liked. Immediately she began to talk about books and then the books she read.

"The book I bought yesterday" she said twirling her straw round her glass as she bit her lip. "Is about a girl who is stolen away from her family by fairies and forced to marry this boy. I've not got much father than that yet though"

"Maybe she will learn to love the fairy" I say hoping my meaning will cross so when the time comes for us to depart she will understand. "Maybe he will be different from the others"

She bit her lip again and leaned on her hand. "I do hope so but it is sad isn't it to be taken away from all you know"

"I'm sure it is" I say slowly feeling a little irritated. She should want to leave, my mind argues. She should feel the same desires as I to depart of the horizon with only each others company. Only needing each others company.

All that mattered was her and me. Together. We had to be together. We were destined to be even if she didn't know it yet. Oh gosh but she must feel it. I caught Erin's eyes watching me oddly and I grinned. "Sorry, wandered off in thought there. I moved when I was quite young"

Too be with you. See it. My sweet Erin you must see my love for you. You must have love for me.

"Oh" Erin blinked. "That must of been very difficult"

"No" I shake my head. "My life is better her"

How could it not be better with sweet Erin in my life? I watched her grow. I watched her mother one day take her out to make daisy chains which were turned into tiaras. I watched her run across the fields squealing and laughing with glee.

She was my Erin. I watched her. I protected her. This was going to be the best date of her life because tonight I would call her and we wouldn't just talk about her but I would wish her goodnight. 

My voice would be the last thing she heard before she slept and through the night I would watch her. Just as I had done last night. She wouldn't know though. Wouldn't know I, her knight, was watching over her just as I should.

The End

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