The MessageMature


I squeezed my eyes tightly shut as the morning light flooded through my window, refusing to acknowledge 

Well, that was until my phone's text notification went off. It's a loud bell-ridden tune that I often describe to my friends as, 'the rainbow jingle'. I sat bolt upright, ripping the phone from the charger it was linked to. 

I flipped my ancient mobile open, pressing the buttons frantically. I think I would have died the amount of times my heart skipped it's beats. I breathed out the breath I'd been holding in as my fingers danced across the keypad as I saw the contents of the text.

Hey, it's Arien from the book store. If you're not up to anything today, want to grab a coffee later today? 

I hadn't even finished reading before I had begun typing my excited reply. 

Yeah! I'd love to! 

I was just about to go downstairs and inhale some cereal, but before the phone even touched my unmade bed  it blared out the rainbow jingle. I flipped it open again, my eyes skimming the text which told me to meet him at the Travelling Man cafe around twelve. 

'Mum,' I said loudly, peeping in at her in her bedroom. She was, as usual, speed-typing on her laptop. My mother was a very busy women, like my dad, but she always made time to eat with me and go out with me... unlike my dad.

'What is it, honey?' 

'I have to go out again today.'

'Another book? My, you read quickly.' She laughed, fishing a twenty pound note out of the side drawer. She's a paranoid sort of person, and always hid spare money is the more irregular of places.

I plucked it from her fingers, smiling happily. 

'Thanks. I'll be setting off around half eleven.' 



'It's twenty past.'

'Twenty past what?'


'Oh my God!' I squeaked, checking my watch. 'I need to get ready.'

I'm sure I was dragging clothes out my closet at such a speed I could have been blurred. Light eye make up was thrown onto my face and I exited the house, record time, still brushing my hair. 

By the time I'd gotten to the Travelling Man, it was ten past twelve and Arien was slouching seductively against the window. I smiled with my lips, not revealing my teeth. I don't think he was ready for the Cheshire cat toothy grin yet.

'I'm sorry, were you waiting long?' I asked nervously.

'Only an hour.'

I felt my eyes pop out of my head in horror. But they settled back into my face as I caught the comedic twinkle in his eyes, 'don't do that.' I puffed out my cheeks in mock annoyance. 

'Well, I guess I'll have to treat you to an iced latte to make up for it!' He chuckled, smiling with such softness I think my heart melted right there and then.

'How did you know? Iced latte is my favourite!' I laughed, tilting my head at him as he lead me into the cafe.

'Um, well, that's just what girls like, isn't it?' He said quickly, distracting me by pulling out a chair for me to sit on. I thanked him politely before sitting on it. 

A few people stared at him, partly because of his stunning looks, and also probably because he was dressed in pretty morbid clothing - skinny-fit grey tee (which, I must say, accentuated his muscles very well), skinny black jeans and scuffed biker boots. I sat opposite him entirely clad in pastel colour. We looked odd. But oddly good. 

'So, Erin, tell me about yourself.'

The End

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