"My names Arien" I said once she had tugged the book from my fingers. I hadn't had the chance to say it earlier. She hadn't given me the chance. I must admit she had left me angry. I was her knight didn't she see that? I was the one who was going to sweep her off her feet. She must feel the connection.

"Erin" she smiled.

Oh, that smile. It was for me now. From this point on it would only be for me. How could it be for anyone else now we had met?

"You have beautiful eyes" I whispers. Erin blushed gripping at the book flustered. She pushed a stray strand of hair back as her eyes flicked to the ground then back up.

"Oh, th-thank you" she laughed nervously. "You seem to be helping me out a lot"

"Maybe you could help me by giving me your phone number" I smiled leaning forward. Erin blushed and looked down. She fumbled to pluck a pen and scrap of paper out of her bag. She scribbled down her number and handed it to me quickly like I'd soon vanish.

She was shocked. I could feel it. She saw me as out of her league which made me even more happy. She liked me. Of course she did. She was my Erin. 

"Thank you, Erin" I say tugging out my phone and sending her a text quick so she got my number.

"N-No problem" she smiled pushing back another stray strand of hair. "Make sure to call, text or whatever" she waved her hand as she walked back towards the counter. "Thanks again for the book as well"

She turned and rushed to the counter to pay. Oh don't you worry, Erin. Soon we will be sitting down in a small coffee shop and I will lean across the table to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. 

I didn't let her leave the bookshop without me. I followed her. I had to make sure no one touched her or hurt her. She took another bus home and I followed by foot running at a fast pace. 

She got of at the stop a little way from her house and began walking towards it. I could relax once she got inside. Her mother was there. She was the only other person that protected Erin. She didn't protect her like me though. There was a tree near Erin's window.

I never dared to climb it till tonight and I watched her sleep. Waited till she was awake to text her the next morning about meeting up for coffee after lunch.

Oh sweet Erin. My Erin.

The End

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