Standing TallMature


I fondled to flimsy fabric of the pale pink dress I'd worn three weeks ago on my outing with Tom. He hadn't called me, mailed or texted me since then. What's more, he doesn't attend my school, so I can't exactly go and see him any time I want.

Shrugging, I pulled off the clothes I was currently sporting and tugged the thin cloth over my head. I posed a few times in my mirror, looking at it from all angles. Smiling fondly, I slipped my feet into a pair of sandals. It was a warm day, and it was far too much effort to scrape all of my heavy hair into a pony tail. So I let it fall down my back. 

I pursed my lips as I searched for my little purse. It was more like a pouch, though. I didn't usually keep much money. My parents provided it for me more often than not. 

'Mum, can I have some money to go into town with?' I called as I danced down the stairs, spraying myself with my Grandma's home-made strawberry perfume. 

'Yes,' she sighed, 'get it out of my purse.' 

'Thanks, I'll be back soon.' 

I took one of the front seats on the bus, the elevated ones that make you feel like you're sitting on a throne. Tapping my foot to the beat that was pumping out of the speakers quietly, I stared out of the window. Maybe today someone would pick me out of the crowd, and treat me nice for once. Someone that wouldn't just cut me off after the first date. 

chuckled at the laughable notion. There is no way something like that could ever happen, I'm not really the type to get picked up. I glanced at the windscreen, taking note of the up and coming bus stop. I pressed my finger on the buzzer, swaying as I stood up on the bouncy floor. 

'Thankyou,' I said sweetly as I hopped off the platform, I received a uncaring grunt in reply. 

I spun around, taking in all the people rushing by me. I think I'll pop into the book store first... 

I trotted along the pavement, keeping my eyes focused on the small, antique-looking shop which was a few metre's ahead of me. 

I had reached the little alley way in which my favourite little store resided when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around, feeling slightly jumpy.

I found myself staring at someone's black tee shirt, I tilted my head up, my eyes finding a pair of deep blue ones. I smiled, tilting my head quizzically. 

'You dropped this,' he said kindly, holding up my phone by the little kitten charm which I had linked onto it a year ago.

'Oh, thanks!' I said, flustered, 'trust me to drop something like that!' I laughed nervously. 

He just smiled knowingly. 

'Anyway, thanks.' I muttered, turning on my heel, and shuffled towards the shop. 

I soon became aware of him standing in the shop, also. Probably just coincidence  but also a little freaky. 

'Can I get you something, Erin?' Asked Jack, the shop-owners son. 

'Oh yeah, this book.' I blushed, showing the name on the piece of paper. He smiled, and nodded.

'Over here, I think...' He frowned as his finger trailed over the book spines, 'oh, we don't seem to have any-'

'Do you mean this one?' Asked the boy from earlier  holding up a battered cover. I beamed and nodded, reaching out for it. 

I didn't know at that time, what I was getting myself into just from sliding that book out from his gentle fingers. 

The End

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