Obsessive IllusionMature

Erin Lockwood is 16. Arien Voven is 17.... in Elf Years. He ages one year for every 2 of Erin's and has been watching her since she was a baby from when he was the age of 6 Elf Years.
His obsession is compulsive. His life an illusion.

Arien Voven

Her hair blew in the wind and the scent of strawberries reached my nose. I could feel her soft skin even though they didn't touch it. Her eyes sparkled with laughter and then the world split.

She wasn't laughing for me but for him. The young student boy that sat across from her tapping his fingers on the table. I knew they itched to touch her skin like mine did. I wouldn't let him though. Erin was mine. He needed to know that. They all needed to know that.

I didn't care if she hadn't looked into my eyes or seen my face. Nor did I care about any man who tried to take her from me. They wouldn't have her.

The other elves could go die in a whole for all I cared. I would not give up on her. Even if she didn't know it she needed me like I needed her. To keep her safe from all the evil snots like the boy sat across from her. She was Erin. My Erin. The beautiful baby I had seen cradled in the arms of a mother 16 years ago. 

I had only been 6 in elf years. I had watched her grow. Panicked when she took her first steps and fell to the ground. Her mother rescued her though. Yes, I could trust her mother. I had bare glimpses of the father. He either worked long hours or was as stupid as the next human.

My eyes shot back to Erin now though. She was leaning forward a great big smile plastered on her face. Her eyes sparkled. Oh those beautiful hazel eyes. I would stare into them for eternity if I could. I'd give her the years of my extended youth even as she grew old.

No one else would do that for her. No one else would dream of running their fingers through her honey hair. She was my Erin. I would do that for her which is why it was so important for us to meet.

The time had come. We were of the right ages now. We could be together properly. I could take her away to my home. We could spend nights staring at the beautiful stars.

"Oh Erin wouldn't you love that?" I whispered as if I was asking her. As if her cute little form was staring up at me and waiting for me to do exactly that. 

She was leaving the coffee shop now. The guy hugged her goodbye. I gripped a branch of the tree I hid within trying to restrain my anger. He didn't understand the stupid human. He wasn't allowed to touch her. Not my Erin.

So I followed him. Like a dark mist I followed him through the streets till he turned down an alley. A shortcut. I sprinted at him then. I grabbed him by his feeble neck and smacked him up to the wall.

"Stay away from her" I growled angrily. "Stay away from Erin"

I released him and he ran off like a dog with its tail between its legs. She'd be hopeless for weeks now... waiting for that call from him that she'd never get. If she did I would sort it out.

She needed to be protected. From them. My Erin had to stay safe and soon we would meet. I'd sweep her off her feet and take her away just like I had been planning. The other elves had told me to let it go and that our kind don't mix. How wrong they were. Erin was mine. 

"Erin" I whispered just to taste the words on my lips. Feel the letters on my tongue. Hear her sweet name. I sighed and leaned back against the wall closing my eyes. I imagined her gentle touch as she stroked my cheek.

I imagined her lips upon mine as we kissed. Soft and sweet like strawberries. Not yet though, I thought as I opened my eyes.

A few more days to give her time to get over the swine and then... then I would take my chance. Take my Erin.

The End

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